SAN JOSE (KPIX) – Some Bay Area employers are accused of retaliating against employees who are undocumented immigrants. Threats of violence and deportation are on the rise.

“We have had employers leave voicemail, the threats are very bold,” says Ruth Silver Taube.

The Santa Clara University law professor and workers’ rights attorney says her clients live in fear.

“They have nightmares,” says Taube. “It’s very difficult for them to get up every morning and to go to work because they’re so terrified.”

Last year, the state Labor Commissioner received 95 immigration-related retaliation complaints. The year before there were only 20, and in 2014 there were just two.

“With this climate it’s more likely that employers will continue to threaten people and to assume that there’s no consequences,” says Taube.

But Taube says there are very hefty consequences and the labor commission is prioritizing these cases and processing them within thirty days. If an employer is found liable for threatening a worker they’re slapped with a $10,000 fine for each threat.

“It is backfiring against these employers,” she says.

Santa Clara County is right behind Los Angeles with the most complaints filed in the state last year.

Taube says sometimes employers are threatening workers who aren’t even undocumented immigrants. They target them simply because of their race.

“It really tears your heart up,” says Taube. “It is very hard to see this happening to our clients.”

As reported first by, Taube is handling a case right now of a housekeeper who complained about back wages, but was then threatened with deportation by her boss.

Taube says when the claims do make it to the Labor Commission, the agency doesn’t ask about immigration status.

Comments (6)
  1. Ron Lemley says:

    B. Lawrence has a point although his use of the term”criminally” in this country as well as his liberal bashing is harsh and revealing about his views. Please don’t blame liberals for the immigration problem. If the truth be told, Obama deported far more criminal illegals than Trump has in the same amount of time. Unlike Trump, Obama did not specifically target people with zero criminal record or hard working, educated family men or A+ students, but then liberals do not tend to be anti-immigrant or anti-intellectual. Are they more intelligent? YES!

  2. Albert Elson says:

    Following federal law and reporting illegals after an employer finds that they are in this country illegally is a bad thing? E Verify should be mandatory for all people hired. Then there will no longer be a problem with illegals feeling picked on by their employer.

    1. Mary Hodge says:

      If the employer fired and reported, then we could talk about ‘doing the right thing’…but they are simply threatening these people to keep them working under the threat of reporting… Fear tactics are not the same as ‘following the law. And since they are also reporting people who are not illegal but based on their race…this tactic is disgusting.

  3. Dopi Hupi says:

    How the F*CK can an employer retaliate against someone they KNEW was illegal to BEGIN with??? Fookin’ Government should be retaliating against the low life bast*rds that hired these we*backs to begin with!!!!!

  4. Paul Arnold says:

    This article is ridiculous. Just a bunch of alligations made by an attorney.

    1. Notice this Jew attorney isn’t concerning herself with Israel deporting Africans.

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