By Juliette Goodrich

SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX 5) — Weed weddings are the latest trend in California, thanks to the legalization of recreational marijuana.

Philip Wolf organizes Cannabis Wedding Expos. And the first one is coming this weekend to San Francisco now that recreational marijuana is legal.

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Wolf said, “You know some just want to enjoy a joint with their bridesmaids before they go walk down the aisle.”

He says cannabis-loving couples are invited to learn how to safely and creatively incorporate marijuana at their wedding.

“If you do have a cannabis bar that is going to be set up, make sure the bud tenders are able to educate any person who hasn’t consumed cannabis in a while, or you know, grandma. Let them know this is legal and this is okay.”

Ideas include marijuana-infused edibles to serve, examples of hemp-themed decor, and cannabis wedding favors.

Among the wedding ideas are vases that you put in the middle of your table. Turn it around and it’s a bong you can pass around.

“You can use this on the cannabis bar, you can use this as gifts to your bridesmaids. There’s a lot of ways, but it’s just a subtle, classy way for people to have a smoking device,” Wolf said.

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For wedding planners, it’s a game changer.

Ivy Gaitatzis is a wedding planner with Voulez Events.

“It’s been a mind blowing experience because we’re talking about cakes and putting cannabis as decor on cakes, baking cakes with cannabis or having a bridal bouquet with buds that drape from it, like grapes on a vine,” Gaitatzis said.

And the bride and groom are getting creative.

Gaitatzis said some couples want to hand out joints as a wedding favor branded with their names on the rolling paper.

And with sensations heightened guests may find that the food tastes better, the music sounds amazing and that the overall wedding vibe is buzzing.

Cannabis may be the new champagne when it comes to toasting the bride and groom.

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San Francisco’s Cannabis Wedding Expo is on Sunday at the Bentley Reserve.

Juliette Goodrich