SACRAMENTO (KPIX) — A California lawsuit that’s been grinding on for years alleges no matter how you make it, your daily jolt of coffee comes with a potential carcinogen, Acrylamide.

Under Proposition 65, coffee shops are now forced to post warning signs but the warning might be stretching the intention of the law.

“I believe in transparency but at the same time when you put a bold declaration, ‘X’ may cause cancer when there isn’t data to that affect in humans to me it causes panic rather than informed knowledge,” said Dr. David Agus, Director of USC Norris Westside Cancer Center.

In a statement the National Coffee Association said, “this lawsuit simply confuses consumers and has the potential to make a mockery of Prop 65 cancer warnings at a time when the public needs clear and accurate information about health.”

Thirteen defendants have settled and agreed to put up the signs but Starbucks is still waging a legal battle, arguing that coffee has health benefits.


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