(KPIX 5) — A spa chain has abruptly closed its two locations in the Bay Area without warning, leaving customers cheated out of their pre-paid services and employees without payment.

Employees at A Perfect Day Spa in Millbrae and Fremont are now left without jobs, and clients who bought treatment packages can’t get their money back.

The big draw for customers was the massages. Customers say they were encouraged to pre-pay for hours of massages.

“[The] last time I come … they ask me to buy more because I think I had less than 10 hours,” said one former client.

“I don’t know if I had 50, 30, 40 something like that, a lot of hours,” said another.

Late last week, A Perfect Spa closed both the Fremont and Millbrae locations, telling customers it was just for the Chinese New Year.

But now, signs at the spas say they’re out of business. Employees – many of whom don’t speak English – say it came as a surprise.

“I’ve worked here for more than 10 years,” said one employee through an interpreter. “Without a word. They don’t give us a warning.”

The sign at the Fremont location says the “lease has expired,” and the business “lost its opportunity to renew.”

KPIX 5 has learned the owners of the spa in Millbrae were way behind in the rent. The company that manages the property said the spa hadn’t paid its full monthly rent in years, and that it owes several hundred-thousand dollars.

Spa employees said they haven’t been paid either.

It’s not the first time there have been problems at A Perfect Day Spa. Six years ago, employees sued the company, saying they were cheated out of wages and benefits.

The suit ended with a $12 million judgment against the company.

Representatives from A Perfect Day Spa could not be reached. The San Mateo County District Attorney’s Office says it is now looking to see if the company broke any laws.

Customers who have paid in advance for services are advised to contact their credit card company and file for a refund.

Employees who are owed money were urged to contact the state Department of Labor and file a wage claim.

Veronica De La Cruz