SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX) – A group is building a case to try and stop San Francisco from getting Oakland’s Warriors.

The Good Neighbor Coalition plans to put a ballot measure before San Francisco voters on June 5th designed to survey them on whether they want the Warriors in Mission Bay.

“This city (Oakland) economically needs this team, we need it, San Francisco does not,” says Jim Erickson, President of Direct Help. “I want the mayoral candidates to comment on this: how do you feel about taking a city in need that’s right next to you?”

The ballot measure needs 50 percent plus one to pass.

Organizers admit that even if it does pass, it’s more symbolic than binding.

Comments (3)
  1. who the hell wants a symbolic vote? my vote is supposed to count! i’d sooner use the ballot for toilet paper!

  2. David Dansky says:

    Yes, yes, yes; however, follow the money. Done deal.