SACRAMENTO (AP) — A San Francisco state senator has introduced legislation that looks to maintain net-neutrality rules recently scuttled by the Federal Communications Commission.

The bill by Democrat Scott Wiener sets up a likely showdown in the Legislature with the influential internet providers and, if it passes, in court with the Trump administration.

Wiener released the details Tuesday of a plan aimed at maintaining a level playing field on the Internet. It would prohibit internet providers from blocking or slowing data based on its content or from favoring data from companies that pay extra.

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee signed the first state-level net neutrality law March 5.

Sally Aman, a spokeswoman for the broadband industry group USTelecom, says in a statement that the industry can’t have 50 different state regulations governing the internet.

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  1. Everything libs touch turns to s h i t. Now they f u c k with the Internet!

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