SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF & AP) — Taking a few moments before unveiling new products targeting students, Apple CEO Tim Cook Tuesday applauded the March For Our Lives movement that took place over the weekend.

Summoned to action by student survivors of the Florida school shooting, hundreds of thousands of teenagers and their supporters rallied in the nation’s capital and cities across America on Saturday to press for gun control in one of the biggest youth protests since the Vietnam era.

Cook said the passion of the protesters was to be admired.

“We’ve always believed that people with passion can change the world, and that was on display this weekend in marches across Washington and across our nation,” Cook said. “We are deeply inspired by the courage these students who are using their voices to bring about change in America.”

“Change in America” was the message delivered by the protests.

Chanting “Vote them out!” and bearing signs reading “We Are the Change,” ”No More Silence” and “Keep NRA Money Out of Politics,” hundreds of thousands of protesters packed Pennsylvania Avenue between the Capitol and the White House.

Large rallies with crowds estimated in the tens of thousands in some cases also unfolded in such cities as Boston; New York; Los Angeles; Chicago; Houston; Fort Worth, Texas; Minneapolis; and Parkland, Florida, the site of the Feb. 14 attack at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School that left 17 people dead.

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  1. The only reason this idiot “supports” those protesting morons is because he is hoping that they will probably spend all of their minimum wages buying over-priced Apple products made my slave-like labor in the Chinaland.

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