SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX) – The death of DJ Cameron Paul, “the godfather of mixing” has sent shockwaves through the Bay Area music scene. Paul was one of the most influential DJs in America.

Paul died of cancer Monday.

DJ Cameron Paul (CBS)

Those who recall his mastery say the music industry had never heard anything like him before. Not only did he get people dancing, he also inspired other DJs.

“He was my idol,” says DJ and local business owner Carlos Diaz. “He was the first person to really start doing quick mixing, power mixing.”

In an interview Paul explained his style.

“There was no such thing as blending beats together when I started. No DJs mixed the way you hear on the radio,” he said.

Paul made a name for himself in the 80s and 90s in the Bay Area, mixing songs at clubs like Studio West in San Francisco. Then he started a radio mix show on KSOL, before KMEL.

“Anybody growing up in the bay listening to KMEL, you know that Cameron Paul is one of the greatest legendary DJs to ever do it,” says Big Von, at KMEL-FM iHeart Radio.

But Paul didn’t just DJ and produce in San Francisco.

“Worldwide, people would come from everywhere just to hear him,” says DJ and friend Richard Sanchez. He convinced Paul to DJ at a club in San Jose, too.

“Once he did come out it opened him up to a whole new market and he started touring,” says Sanchez.

Paul taught other DJs his craft, but Sanchez says a little more than a decade ago Paul left the Bay Area.

“He just dropped everything and disappeared,” he says.

DJ Cameron Paul

According to his Facebook page, Paul was in hospice care before he passed away Monday night.

Many say his music will never stop playing.

“You’ll never be forgotten brother,” says Big Von.

Paul’s friends plan to hold a tribute for him. Carlos Diaz is donating all sales of Paul’s albums from his San Jose store to the American Cancer Society.