MARIN COUNTY (KPIX 5) — In the era of #MeToo, a North Bay school district is taking action after getting complaints from teachers about being sexually harassed, not by their co-workers, but by their students.

Schools in the Tamalpais Union High School District in Marin County are requiring students to take sexual harassment training starting in April. The change comes after teachers came forward with their stories.

“When we look on the national scene and we wonder how the Harvey Weinsteins are made — we’re making them,” said Jessica Crabtree, a teacher at Redwood High School.

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These are strong words issued by a woman who claims to know firsthand what sexual harassment feels like.

Crabtree says her harassers are, in fact, her students.

Eva Rieder also teaches in the Tamalpais Union High School District.

“I have been sexually harassed, stalked, intimidated, threatened, bullied and defamed by male students,” she said.

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As a result of these women’s statements to the School Board earlier this year, and their allegations that the district wasn’t doing enough to stop the harassment, Superintendent David Yoshihara announced the new curriculum at Tuesday night’s school board meeting.

“They need to know,” Yoshihara said. “And I think it’s our job to help them know.

Students will not only learn the definitions of sexual harassment and sexual misconduct, they will also learn how to report harassment to the district. Seniors will also learn about the topic of “informed consent.”

“Informed consent is essentially what it means to say ‘no’ and essentially letting the other party know when you have consent,” Yoshihara said.

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Though it may mean more homework, the students at Redwood High KPIX spoke to were still on board to learn it.

“I think it can be a good idea if they do it in the right way,” said Kevin Gann, a Senior. “I’m open to almost anything. If people tell me about it, want me to do it, I might go.”

Classmate Russell Camden agrees.

“It’s important because it’s happening to teachers and you can’t feel safe in a learning environment or a teaching environment if you’re getting harassed by the people you are supposed to teach,” he said.

The scope of the harassment, and the mishandling of complaints, will be reviewed by an independent investigator who is an attorney who specializes in hostile workplace issues.

The district has also added a Title IX coordinator as a result of the allegations. Title IX became law in the 70s and prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex in federally-funded education programs.

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  1. Remember when parents used to teach their kids properly and this wasn’t necessary?

  2. Sam Jones says:

    The way of our world today–one person complains and everyone has to go along. This is called the “Tyranny of the Minority”.

  3. Keith Diggs says:

    A “normal” person, i.e. not a liberal moron, would think that the absolute PLAGUE of women teachers having sex with students might make the students think they’re available. But that’d be introducing reality into a conversation with liberals. I understand.

    1. That’s just for male students, if female students stalk their teachers in their homes then the teacher must have done something wrong.

  4. Kurt Smith says:

    We had Sexual Harassment Training decades ago already back when I was in school. And it was basically the same training you’d get for disrespecting any teacher in any other manner. The principal would call in one of the coaches who might have been walking by the door at that time, and she’d politely ask him to smack us on the hinder with a big paddle she kept on the wall. All too often the coach was happy to oblige. Sometimes 3 swats. Sometimes more. Big sumbeech too, with holes drilled in it. Coach said that reduced air resistance.
    We didn’t harass or otherwise disrespect our teachers much back then.

    1. Your gym coach was a “big sumbeech with holes drilled in him?” Forget the spanking the sight of him would scare me straight.

  5. Perhaps they should require teachers to take assertiveness training instead because, ya know, they’re the authority figures, supposedly.

    1. Teachers showing assertiveness get fired. They are not allowed to discipline the animals.

  6. tngilmer says:

    The puppies are eating the pigs. (Animal Farm reference for the uneducated).

  7. beefrank says:

    Where do the parents fit in?

  8. John Sorger says:

    White teachers are making accusations against minority students. And that means they’re racist.

  9. Brian Sparks says:

    Once upon a time, students respected teachers and were afraid to be disrespectful. Good luck with the training!

  10. This is funny. Teachers are now complaining that kids don’t have any respect for them. These are the same teachers that encouraged kids to not have respect for law enforcement. It’s one big circle and now it’s the teachers turn to reap what they have sowed.

  11. Let’s breakdown what might be going on here. Could either of these two quoted teachers possibly have a reason to make all this up?

    From Rate My Teacher

    1. Ms. Rieder is the most resentful teacher at Tam. She refuses to help her students learn content that was unclear from her lesson. The vast majority of my classmates have had to hire private tutors to help them with the coursework, so I rely on my classmates to teach me. Someone in my class asked for help on the final review and Ms. Reider told her to stay away, then began frantically sanitizing her hands. Do not recommend.

    2. One of the worst teachers i have ever had. went to her tutorial and she made me feel bad about myself because i didn’t know anything. doesn’t teach. SWITCH OUT IF YOU CAN

    3. It’s true that Ms. Reider is not the best math teacher if you struggle with the material. She is an English teacher first and foremost and as such her math class can be confusing at times and she is not particularly knowledgeable. That being said, she does not overwork you, and is always a very positive and funny teacher. If you are self-directed and knowledgeable, her class will be a breeze, if not, maybe find a different teacher.

    4. Incredibly unhelpful with the material. Assigns unreasonable amount of homework each night, and does not teach very well. Most of what I learn in the class comes from my classmates and the textbook. Also very harsh during class and incredibly boring.

    5. She knows nothing. She refuses to answer questions, never available for extra help. I had her for math and she is not qualified to teach whatsoever.

    Maybe there are bad teachers and by claiming this “stuff” think it will divert attention from their poor performance?

    Just asking.

    1. That certainly is possible, however, Rate My Teacher has often been used as a place to complain about a teacher you didn’t like regardless of how good or bad they are. I’d like to see some positive responses, if any, of those teachers to get an actual idea of whether they’re actually good or bad.

  12. Paul Trott says:

    There was a time when teaching the basics well was in vogue and disruptive students were warned, then removed from the classroom so students there to learn were able to. Now California public schools are little more than social experiments and have sunk to the bottom preparing the kids academically. Cheer up highly paid administrators and assorted progressives, you asked for it.

  13. Bob Ho says:

    try teaching them to not use drugs, join gangs, or murder people either. Wait I forgot the liberal solution was to abort them too begin with….

  14. Susan Vue says:

    My guess is fat “I’m with Her” feminist are filing the complaints

  15. They took manners, respect, and morals out of school and have taught them this victim\entitlement mentality. Having someone teach about sexual harassment instead of paddling the students will probably have the opposite effect because being lectured is boring not punishment.

  16. As a former government employee, my department had to go through “sexual harassment training”. I made a deliberate effort to doodle, or do something other than waste time listening to that propaganda. Not only did it waste time that could have been used in productive work, but it was a personal insult to me- implying that I might sexually harass someone.

  17. Todd Thomas says:

    I Googled them….must be the desperate nerdball students.

  18. tonyome says:

    Snowflake teachers.