NEW YORK (CBS News) — President Trump is jumping to the defense of the Sinclair Broadcast Group, which is under fire following the rapid spread of a video showing anchors at its stations across the country reading a script criticizing “fake” news stories.

Trump tweeted Monday that it was funny to watch “Fake News Networks” criticizing Sinclair for being biased. The president singled out CNN and NBC.

“Sinclair is far superior to CNN and even more Fake NBC, which is a total joke,” Mr. Trump wrote in the tweet.

Sinclair owns nearly 200 local stations across the country (including a number of CBS affiliates, as well as stations affiliated with ABC, NBC, FOX and CW). And a video released by Deadspin over the weekend illustrated many of their anchors saying they were concerned about a “troubling trend of irresponsible, one-sided news stories plaguing our country.” Deadspin said the anchors looked like hostages recording videos to prove they are alive.

There has been no immediate comment from Sinclair.