(CBS Pittsburgh) — A reporter for CBS Pittsburgh had a run in with police thanks to a funny misunderstanding. Meghan Schiller was streaming on Facebook Live as she reported on landslides near Route 30 in East Pittsburgh. Someone saw Schiller walking around and talking alone, and thinking Schiller was a “crazy lady talking to herself,” they called 911.

A North Versailles police officer pulled up next to Schiller’s crew and told them, “Do you realize I got called for a crazy lady talking to herself?”

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“Are you serious?” Schiller asked from inside the vehicle. She thought the police officer must be joking.

“The police officer that’s sitting there said he just got called about a crazy lady talking to herself alongside of the road but he was kidding,” the KDKA reporter told viewers of her Facebook Live, which she was still streaming during her conversation with the officer.

“They did! That’s why I’m here,” the cop, who was off camera, said.

“Oh, wait. You’re not kidding?” Schiller asked.

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During their conversation, she kept asking, “Are you kidding?” in disbelief that someone had actually called 911 on her while she was doing her job.

“He said he was called because I was talking to myself alongside the road. That might be the best thing I’ve heard definitely all day — maybe all month,” Schiller told the Facebook Live viewers.


CBS Pittsburgh reporter Meghan Schiller, left, turns the camera on the cop that responded to a 911 call about a “crazy lady talking to herself.” That “crazy lady” was Schiller — she was doing a live stream to report on landslides.


After the police officer realized Schiller was not, in fact, a crazy lady and she was just trying to do her reporting, he drove away. The two had a good laugh about the misunderstanding.

“OK, sorry for that detour. That might be the best thing,” the reporter said, returning to her live stream.

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The incident happened while Schiller was trying to show social media viewers where landslides had caused road closures and detours. Parts of Route 30 began buckling Wednesday near the Westinghouse Bridge and the road is slowly sinking into the hillside, CBS Pittsburgh reports.