BENICIA (KPIX 5) — An after-school game organized by Bay Area high school students is under scrutiny.

Some parents call it insensitive and racist, others say it just has an unfortunate name.

On Friday night, students will play the controversial game, La Migra. It is the Spanish slang term for Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

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The game has been around for years, but now the school and the district are trying to get ahead of it.

Benicia High School sent a letter to parents this week. It describes an offensive version of the game in which students simulate immigration sweeps. Seniors play immigration agents and the younger students are immigrants trying to run and hide. If they are caught, they’re dropped off at a remote location.

Parent Daniel Serna was shocked to learn students at his daughter’s high school were playing an off-campus game referred to as La Migra.

KPIX 5 asked Serna what La Migra meant to him.

Serna said, “It’s immigration, it’s ICE coming to your home and taking you. It’s about: you might come back from school today and your mom and dad might be gone.”

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The event is not school-sanctioned and it happens after hours.

“It’s disturbing in that the school is aware of something that, in my opinion, seems pretty racist,” said Serna.

In the letter to parents, Benicia High School’s principal Brianna Kleinschmidt says, “It is our intention that ‘La Migra’ not continue in our town and that we come together to participate in a new, more positive, and inclusive social experience.”

Still, Serna says the school needs to do more to stop the event.

Parents on the school’s Facebook page are also speaking out.

One parent writes, “No more off campus lunch. No more senior trip to Disneyland…Let them blow off some steam and allow seniors to feel special. Just make them change the name.”

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Other parents are defending students. One saying, “The only thing ‘wrong’ about this game is the name, honestly, kids have a lot of fun…”

But Benicia police says offensive name aside, the game is dangerous.

Students caught in the pretend raids are dropped off in an unknown location, and police say the students acting as ICE agents speed around town looking for the so-called runners.

In a statement, the Benicia Police Department says, “We will also have extra patrol officers and will enforce all vehicle and pedestrian laws.”

But Serna is most worried about the kids who aren’t participating.

“How about the safety of the kids that it impacts? The psychological aspect that it impacts? I’m sure there are kids here who are undocumented,” Serna said.

We reached out to Principal Kleinschmidt and were referred us to the school district.

The superintendent of the district did not immediately respond to our request for comment.

District employees confirmed that the game has been on going on for years.

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  1. goldminor says:

    Insanity that this game should concern anyone. It is kids doing what kids do, playing. For adults to get involved and tell the youths that what they are doing is wrong is pc gone mad, imo.

    1. Communists at work again. It’s all about political correctness.

  2. Chris Chaney says:

    As a resident of this town I am appalled and I find this totally unacceptable. Hoping the school, parents, residents and law enforcement do everything possible to bring this to an end quickly. If you condone this, especially if you are an adult, you are complicit and the problem. Grow up.

    1. RUN!!!! The problem is that the government wont do it’s job!

    2. Most of the US would like to put an end to lawless California as soon as possible.

  3. Looking forward to the day children start playing RWDS. Until then La Migra will have to do.

  4. Pretty soon they won’t have to pretend-play anymore 🙂

  5. How can this be “racist”? Is there a special Mexican/South American race? I thought there were different races in these countries, and that those races are exactly the same as the legal citizens in the USA. Has the word “racist” really lost its real meaning, and now just means “bad”. (Newspeak in “1984” says hello…)

    How about when children play “Police and robbers”? Or “Cowboys and Indians”? Is this not the same game, with a different name?

    Do the Social Justice Warriors just want to change the name, or du they want to stop children playing it?

    1. PC run amok. I often joke with illegals that “You better straighten up, or I’ll sic la migra on ya”, and nobody takes offence.

  6. Chuck Yates says:

    Liberal snowflakes are offended , the rest of the world can give two hoots. So who cares.

  7. Tina Smith says:

    I find it insane that ‘parents’ are demanding the _school_ board do something about an activity that takes place OFF campus, OUTSIDE school hours. Maybe the school board should sensor where the PARENTS go for date night or determine what sort of PORN they have on their computers at home too?? Where exactly in the manual for Not My Jursidiction is the school board granted authority for ANY activity not directly on school property? Stupid parents should be forced to watch the 1980s movie Footloose with Kevin Bacon 6 times a day for 6 months as punishment for their police-state mentality.

  8. Democrats are pure evil. You can dish it out but cant take it. Cowards

  9. Mark David says:


    Another day of Democrats doing what Democrats do.

    Breaking the Law.

  10. LOL! Grow a sense of humor libs. Life must suck being so anal and limited to what you are allowed to find funny and not.

  11. James Harvey says:

    How crazy is that? Where just pretending to enforce the law is suddenly offensive

  12. Jimmie Meeks says:

    Well democrats are forcing these students to go to school with 3rd world illegals . If a bunch of non English speaking illegals started climbing over the gates at their gated community they would call the cops.

  13. You can bee appalled appalled,, offended,, have your sensitivities disrupted all you want, it is not illegal. You can even be raciest, a and it. Is not illegal ass long as you don’t overtly. Threaten someone or deprive someone of their civil rights. Live with it, leave the room, close your eyes and put on headphones. It is very strange you find lawful free speech unacceptable but believe clearly illegal invasion by criminal aliens is just fine.

  14. I feel sad for kids having to grow up in the Police State of California…I hope they realize one day how their parents, school teacher, school administrators and politicians really messed them over.

  15. Is there an adult coed league i can sign up for. This sounds awesome.

  16. Mike Burns says:

    This game gives the kids the skills they need to avoid capture by real immigration oficials. It not only sharpens their skills but teaches them the virtues of how to sneak around, lie, and be morally corrupt.

  17. Gary Watts says:

    So I guess Cowboys and Indians are out at the elementary schools?

    1. Frank Krecow says:

      The 21st Century variant of C&I. Cowboys and Muslims!

  18. Stop it, Mexican is not a race, Illegal is not a race and American is not a race either. There is nothing Racist about protecting our citizens or securing our borders.

  19. My initial impression was that this was a game played on foot. Then, more than halfway through the article, I saw a reference to how students acting as ICE agents “speed around town”, and how police will enforce all “vehicle and pedestrian laws”. Jumping out of cars to catch people is dangerous. If that is done repeatedly, there is a good chance of causing an accident. That’s a good reason not to play this game. Concern about the name being offensive isn’t a very good one.

  20. Nathan Fluet says:

    Racism? did they look at the video almost every single one of the participants is black or Hispanic I counted 2 white kids. Liberals said POC’s can’t be racist now I am confused 😛

  21. Sounds fun to me! This is kids doping what kids do. play games, and we have the medias and Brown to thank for making it high profile. That’s why they’re playing this.
    Send in ICE and deport the illegals.

  22. Hey, will there be confiscation of simulated stolen social security numbers ? At least the students want to pull California loose from the tractor beam pulling California toward the edge space and back to planet earth.

  23. Take the game home to their parents, have a real ICE agent knock, see who comes to school the next day.

  24. “Diversity is our strength – Whites are our weakness – Ban the 2nd Amendment”
    – The Democrats

  25. We need to punish kids for all SORTS of out-of-school activities! It’s the school’s job to police every aspect of their behavior. Maybe we can get Moochelle Obama to police their diets too. That way, we can punish the parents if the kids are caught eating pizza!!!

  26. Obviously kids of skin color were ICE and the white kids were the illegals. That’s how Democrats want it to be. But they don’t want to say it publicly. liberal idiots

  27. Keith Diggs says:

    “Serna said, “It’s immigration, it’s ICE coming to your home and taking you. It’s about: you might come back from school today and your mom and dad might be gone.””


  28. John Sorger says:

    They’re playing hide-and-seek. “Racism” is a made-up Marxist conspiracy theory. It does not exist.

  29. Clegg Jensen says:

    “The power of Congress “to exclude aliens from the United States and to prescribe the terms and conditions on which they come in” is absolute, being an attribute of the United States As a sovereign nation, through the action of the legislative department, can exclude aliens from its territory is a proposition which we do not think open to controversy. Jurisdiction over its own territory to that extent is an incident of every independent nation. It is a part of its independence. If it could not exclude aliens, it would be to that extent subject to the control of another power. *** The United States, in their relation to foreign countries and their subjects or citizens are one nation, invested with powers which belong to independent nations, the exercise of which can be invoked for the maintenance of its absolute independence and security throughout its entire territory.” — SCOTUS 1889
    >>>>>“If Congress can forbid the entry ***, it can punish those who cooperate in their fraudulent entry.” — SCOTUS 1909<<<<<