OAKLAND (CBS SF) — Disruption has been a mantra for the Silicon Valley for decades so it seems fitting that Draymond Green plays for the Golden State Warriors.

He may be the most disruptive player in the NBA and it was on full display in Golden State’s 110-97 playoff victory Thursday night against the San Antonio Spurs.

Green was all over the court, the master controller of Warrior’s switching offense. He finished the game with four block shots, two steals, numerous tipped balls and six rebounds.

Over the first three games of the playoff series, the Warriors defense has throttled the Spurs offense, holding them to under 40 percent shooting.

“He’s been fantastic,” said head coach Steve Kerr. “Defensively, he’s all over the place. This is a team (San Antonio) that you have to disrupt. They are excellent with their execution. So you have to try to take them out of things and Draymond is as good as anybody I have ever seen in terms of recognizing a play and blowing it up.”

Being a defensive force is nothing new to Green. He’s the reigning NBA defensive player of the year, has been on the all-defensive team for several seasons and was the Big 10 defensive player of the year in his senior season at Michigan State.

“I think personally I’ve been pretty good (on defense),” Green said after Thursday night’s game. “(I’ve been) all over the floor, in the fray trying to muddy things up for them on offense, trying to get them out of some of their patterns.”

“They (the Spurs) are one of those squads that if you just let them get into their offense … They run great stuff, they are well coached. They are very disciplined, but you start to try to break those patterns up a little bit, it gets tougher on them.”

How does he disrupt the San Antonio offense?

“Randomly switching some time. Randomly going to double. Just trying to do things to keep them off balance,” Green said.

Green also credits his teammates with cranking up the defensive intensity in the first round.

The Warriors had stumbled through the final weeks of the regular season, going 7-10 in their final 17 games. Many in the media felt their position at the top of the league was in jeopardy, but the first three games of the San Antonio series has flipped many of the doubters.

“Our team has been amazing,” Green said of the Warriors defensive efforts. “With the same mindset that I personally have had. Just swarming these guys, trying to make everything tough.”


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