SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX 5) — Shocking video is calling attention to what’s going on in one of the busiest BART stations in the Bay Area: drug users blatantly shooting up out in the open as commuters walk by, others slumped along filthy corridors.

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It’s a gauntlet commuters walk through every morning at the Civic Center BART and Muni station.

Regular commuter Shannon Gafford knows people have to see it to believe it. “One morning I said, ‘I got to pull out the camera and show my friends this. They’re not going to believe it,’” he said.

And over the course of a week, Gafford documented his trip to work. His videos show dozens of people slumped along a hallway, open IV drug use, unconscious men and women, and piles of vomit on either side of the hallways.

Some may find the video shocking. Others may find it routine.

“Every day. Every morning. 5:30 to 6 o’clock. You can see there’s dozens of them. Needles everywhere. Crack. Heroin.”

“It’s a real concern for our riders, and we appreciate that,” said BART spokesman Chris Filippi. “But what we have to do is make the most of the resources, the limited resources that we have.”

BART, which has been pledging to address the problem, says it’s recruiting more community service officers, more than 30 new sworn officers and 20 new station cleaners. But will that be enough?

“The situation in our BART stations is simply unacceptable,” said San Francisco Mayor Mark Farrell. “Borders on disastrous.”

This week, Farrell unveiled a $13 million plan to get needles – among other things – off of city streets. But the city’s jurisdiction ends when you head down those BART stairs.

“I don’t care, at the end of the day, if now we have jurisdictional issues,” said Farrell. “As mayor, I want to get something done, and I want to make sure these BART stations are cleaned up.”

While homeless services are offered to those in the city’s BART stations, Farrell says San Francisco police may be needed because BART admits it is simply overwhelmed by the crisis that has landed in its hallways.

“We’re in the midst of national homelessness crisis, and we’re also in the middle of a drug crisis,” said Filippi. “Unfortunately, as a transit agency, we have limited resources and we’re not really equipped to deal with these social issues.”

So for now, the status quo is a daily commute through a human crisis that shows no end.

“You feel bad for these people in a way. I mean, because you are human, you see them,” said Gafford. “This isn’t going anywhere. It’s getting worse.”

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  1. Thelma Mac says:

    Bart can’t seem to handle anything except how to pick on their front line workers. They are so focused on petty issues like t.v.’s and radios in the break-rooms. God forbid a frontline worker listening to jazz while on break, to help cope with the zoo going on all around them. What a joke that place has become.

    1. Demo territory!!!! keep voting Demo and the whole country will be like this.

      1. Mark David says:

        Man. Isn’t it just about time that good Citizens of the United States take matters into their own hands and forcibly remove every Democrat politician, administrator and supporter and subject them to immediate tar and feathering as they are thrown out of office. They are doing their best to destroy the country. We can’t let that happen. If law enforcement will not enforce the law, then we must do so. The traitors must not be allowed to put all of us at risk.

  2. Yep. I see this EVERY SINGLE MORNING. I have repeatedly reported it to police and nothing is done about it. Also, love to see the dealers just standing there on the corner of 8th and Market, in plain sight doing nothing but killing people.

    1. Democrats cause problems like this. They NEVER fix problems like this.

      1. Don Stickney says:

        Ahh, but they MEAN WELL. They TRY. And that’s what matters. To them.

  3. BART has talked endlessly about its shiny new cars coming on line as of last year. I ride the system every day. I’ve never even seen a new car. Now they never mention the new cars, as if hoping we’ll forget. Riders can only dream of strike in which decent government uses it as a pretext to fire every last person on the system and start over. BART sucks. And BART wants to suck.

  4. Considering there is always a BART bond increase on every ballot that gets passed I call BS. Its obvious BART needs new leadership if they don’t know how to allocate resources to the right things…

  5. And this is what Progressivism wants to bring to your town!

  6. if you want to get rid of this situation offer nothing to the users. No food, no lodging, nothing. Eventually, they will leave the city.
    Just don’t support or tolerate this type of behavior.
    Enforce the laws on loitering, transients etc.

    Someone needs to play the role of enforcer.

  7. David Alster says:

    Don’t worry there are tons of heroin coming across the Arizona border and heading to San Francisco.

  8. I cannot believe the lack of compassion this city has and that some idiot thought it was his right to violate the privacy and dignity of people without any other warm, sheltered place to go. Also, Wilson Walker, the appropriate term is “people who use drugs” (PWUD) – absolutely NOT “junkies” – unless individually self-identified as such. PWUD firstly recognizes that these are PEOPLE who happen to use drugs. I work in substance use and with people who use drugs on a daily basis; point blank the general public cannot even begin to grasp this issue and seemingly refuse to do so. Rather than recording people in their most vulnerable state, which ultimately leads to stigmatization and the perpetuation of negative stereotypes and misinformation, ask yourself what you can do to assist someone in the moment or how you can help on a broader scale. If you feel there is nothing you can do, put down your phone and acknowledge that person with a genuine smile.

    1. I was hoping you were being sarcastic. Enablers and excuse-makers like you are as much the problem as the junkies.

    2. Individually, you are more of a problem than the junkie. A junkie is just one person that needs to take responsibility for themselves. You are one person pushing every junky into the irresponsible hands of your entire city. You help create junkies as much as dealers do. You keep them there, actively stall their escape.

    3. Grant Davis says:

      You are EXACTLY what is wrong with San Francisco today. People evacuating their colon on the streets, people doing drugs in public. I pity these people, they need TREATMENT, not excuses. THere are many ways this problem can be handled compassionately, but making EXCUSES and GRAMMAR corrections is beyond STUPID

    4. Assuming you’re being serious, Rita, these junkies have willingly chosen to forego dignity by injecting drugs and relinquish privacy by doing these drugs in public. Yes, they are people. People that don’t care about you or anyone else, people who want nothing to do with responsibility or accountability, people whose life purpose is to be a warning to others of the dangers of bad choices. Help those people who sincerely want to change, but don’t pretend that all those “poor souls” would be stand-up citizens if we only gave them a chance… they HAD a chance and choose poorly.

    5. Oh, Rita, you are SO too-too politically-correct! People like you are the reason why San Francisco is becoming known as “the city with streets paved with the turds of the homeless.” Please stay in San Francisco where you belong!

    6. When you rationalize a behavior that is unhealthy, illegal, and hurts not only the person that engages in it but his family and the community where he or she lives by using euphemisms and politically correct psychobabble you are making the problem worse by removing or misplacing accountability. By doing this you’re actually impeding the first thing that needs to happen from taking place: the addict must own up to the problem he/she created by weakness or idiocy and completely immerse him or herself in the solution to the exclusion of everything else. People engaged in such behavior need to hear it like it is: “Yes, you’re a junkie and only you can get yourself out of that hole and I’m willing to help you, but will be you doing the heavy lifting, not me”. Some people will recover from their addiction, some never will and they’ll live miserable lives until they kill themselves prematurely. We as a society should give addicts the opportunity and the support to get clean and sober, but if they refuse or misuse our help then we should not be forced into codependency for the sake of some pseudo-compassion. You’re not offering compassion by been an enabler, you’re just helping the addict sink further and hurting your own self-respect in the process.

    7. If you are who the people have to come to in order to receive help, it’s clear why all of them still need help.

    8. As much as I would love to think you are kidding, I know you are not. These people get zero pity from me. They are CHOOSING to live like this. They are CHOOSING to use drugs. It’s a life choice and one they are free to make. I am a 6th generation San Franciscan. I now live outside of the city and avoid coming into the city at all costs. I no longer shop, dine, attend the theater, treat my children to adventures. We don’t stay in hotels for special occasions. My money does not visit SF. It’s no longer a welcoming place. It’s an embarrassment and it is people like YOU who enable these “people” in their life choices. I don’t know where you are from, but please go back and bring your addict friends with you. I want MY city back.

    9. RitaB4210
      You seemed to have a passion regarding this problem. Let me ask, since you are so genuinely concerned why are you here commenting and not out there doing something for these people. It seems to me that if you were genuinely concerned you wouldn’t have the time to be here wagging your self righteous and sanctimonious finger at the rest of us.

  9. this is what Progressives deserve–you created it, now own it…

  10. Alan Whitney says:

    Life in the Socialist Paradise.

  11. Sorry mayor, that is not a national issue. You invited it there and you got it.

  12. Could not happen to a more appropriate place…San Francisco in liberal/leftist California !

  13. This is what sanctuary means to the DNC.

  14. Dan Meyers says:

    You mean I get to slip on a pile of puke then run to wash it off in my $2,000,000 condo? Ummmm, I’m gonna have to say . . . NO!

  15. caffeineator says:

    Give me a break! These people are bums. They may be homeless bums, but they’re bums. Unless SF hauls them all out to a camp in the desert, they’ll be there until SF falls into the ocean. I live 40 mils away and went to SF often. Not any more. Feces, urine, needles, garbage everywhere. If I have to go there for business, I carry a Beretta Tomcat tucked in my back pocket after dark. Who the hell wants to go there anyway?

  16. Jim Steiger says:

    Like this? Keep voting Democrat!

  17. Don’t people in CA see what is becoming of their LIberal policies? It used to be such a wonderful place to visit and I used to take my wife there once a year but I will not step foot in SF again after my last trip there. It looks like a giant slum and it won’t get any better given you are $1.3Trillion in state and local debt which is about $77K per taxpayer. Your policies have failed, your leaders have failed, your state is already the laughingstock of the nation. Please fix it before you become everyone’s problem. Thanks

  18. Pretty easy problem to deal with actually: 1. open the nuthouses back up, and lock the actual loonies in there. 2. Let the people who are actually “facing hard times” or “down on their luck” go to the churches, Salvation Army, shelters etc. that don’t allow people to just lay around and do drugs. 3. Round up the remaining filthy druggie bums and kick em out of town, and if they return use the Billy Club to remind them they’re not welcome.

  19. Mark Em says:

    you think any of the junkies have any Narcan on them and would they share it if someone OD on fentanyl?

  20. Obviously, the drugged up Democrats need free vomit bags in a vomit bag exchange program.

  21. Zak Watson says:

    Anti-racists say there is a RACE problem that can only be solved when the third world pours into EVERY White country and “assimilates.”

    What if I said there was a RACE problem that could only be solved if hundreds of millions of non-Blacks were brought into EVERY Black country? How long before people realize I’m not talking about a RACE problem, but the conclusion to the BLACK problem?

    They say they are anti-racist. What they are is anti-White.

    Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.

  22. Chris Yeager says:

    LAME San Francisco offers safe injection sites and free needles for addicts but wonders why they have a epidemic of addicts and homeless? Ignorance prevails… Now add Marijuana to the mix and you have created a dysfunctional society.

  23. Rich Hamrick says:

    San Fran does love their criminals.

  24. John Jupiter says:

    start KILLING these drug users,,,,,,Dead bodies can then be thrown in the Bay.

  25. Le Flâneur says:

    San Francisco Values that your warped Senator Harris wants to bring to the rest of America! Nothing that a Neutron Bomb couldn’t cure. Eliminate the “Humans” and leave the buildings. Frisco is a Cesspit and the rest of the country is done with it!

  26. Jimmer Jim says:

    Sweep them up and turn them into soylent green.

  27. Looks progressive to me. I see nothing wrong.

  28. “…….community service officers?” Just another term for babysitters for criminals. No resolve or power to take actual, meaningful change.

  29. So glad I don’t live there any longer.

    1. I used to love you on the radio. Yes, ess eff has become an enormous sewer and it’s very very sad.

  30. More liberal success stories

  31. Where you find Democrats you find hopelessness

  32. San Francisco, like Detroit and Venezuela, is what happens when Democrats get everything they want.

  33. So what did they expect?
    It is their choice.

  34. BART uses a third rail for electric power, … surprising that more dopers don’t stumble onto them ….

  35. NATIONAL crisis? Please, grow up and take ownership of your problems, California. This is very much a State problem. Plenty of other states are not in the midst of crisis such as this.

  36. jbspryjbspry says:

    If you’re goin’
    To San Francisco
    Be sure to wear
    Some flowers in your hair
    If you’re goin’
    To San Francisco
    The summertime
    Will be a love-in there.

    All across the nation
    Such a strange vibration
    People in motion…
    It’s a whole generation
    With a new explanation
    People in motion…

  37. People say there is a RACE problem. People say this RACE problem will be solved when the third world pours into EVERY and ONLY into White countries.

    People say the only solution to the RACE problem is if ALL and ONLY White countries “assimilate,” i.e., intermarry, with all those non-Whites.

    But if I tell that obvious truth about the ongoing program of genocide against White people, Anti-Whites agree that I am a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.

    Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.

  38. Junkies also shoot up and booze on BART trains, I’ve found prep pads and drug paraphernalia under seats on several occasions. Problem won’t get better soon, not enough manpower as the BART PR guy said. The underlying issue is that BART spends far too much money on staff salaries and pensions. They’re paying several BART police sergeants upwards of $300k yearly. They can’t afford to bring on more cops, they’d do best to hire private security firms to clean it up, but the local mayors won’t agitate for that because most are Democrats who are heavily dependent on California’s very large public employee unions.

  39. Is that a socialist Nirvana?

  40. Doug Oritz says:

    Free Heroin for everybody who wants it. As much as they want. In the morning have sanitation workers pickup the bodies. It will all work itself out in the end.

  41. Bug spray will fix the problem.

    You think I’m kidding? Those vermin are only doing what they can get away with. Spray them and they will go somewhere else.

  42. “The scoops are coming, the scoops are coming!” –Soylent Green

  43. Troy Dynes says:

    At one time, Detroit had the highest per capita income in the U.S. and was known as the “Paris of the West” due to its beauty, culture, museums, art et al. The same fate awaits San Francisco.

  44. I lived in SF and loved my time there..sad to see it run itself into the ground.

  45. Always a problem of “limited resources” in California, one of the highest-taxed states in the country. California is in the situation it is in because of BAD DECISIONS by bad POLITICIANS.

  46. Only leftists are perplexed. Those who have the ability to think know that liberal policies result in this. Leftists have turned California into a gulag with good weather.

  47. “The Bolivarian Ascendency supports the city of San Francisco,sister city of our glorious capital,Carcass”—–news release of California-Carcass Socialist Front,headquartered in a gated,guarded community in a limousine liberal region of California.

  48. Bill Sisk says:

    The land of Nancy Pelosi and like-minded progressives. What a ****hole!

  49. Mel Chizedek says:

    The solution is obvious — spend even more of the working people’s taxes on programs to “help” the junkies, so that even more are attracted to SF and the quality of life of taxpayers is further degraded. After all, the purpose of government is to serve the “neediest” among us, regardless of the fact that they are needy because of their own selfish choices, and it is the job of the rest of us to sacrifice our comfort, our incomes and even our safety in the progressive cause of making society unlivable for everybody. Thank you all for voting Democrat and making this insanity a reality.

  50. Tony Dean says:

    California! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

  51. Limited resources, lol. People on the B.A.R.T. Board are getting plenty. But, I doubt they care very much. The system, and MUNI is corrupt to the brim, as is all S.F. Government.

  52. The article refers to a “national homeless crisis”. The only homeless crisis is in California.

  53. Own it, Democrats ! You get what you vote for ! Thanks, Pelosi !

  54. Rudy Katt says:

    Maybe all they need is a good hard liberal hug!

  55. There’s “a national homeless crisis” only in the cities that coddle these ‘so called’ homeless. There is a “national drug crisis” resulting in public shooting up only in the cities that coddle illegal drug use with free needle exchange. Why are democrats completely devoid of common sense. If you make bad actions easy and acceptable you only get more bad actions.

  56. Steffie Jean says:

    you CALIFORNIA IDIOTS… maybe it’s time to STOP your liberal progressive godless thought and attitudes and politics. Fix the mess you’ve made of your state’s cities and STAY there …whatever you do stay away from ours in your great exodus from the forsaken mess you’ve made of CA with your thought and voting

  57. If you let bums squat, the number of bums increases exponentially.

  58. Doug Day says:

    Really, this isn’t that big a problem as long as the Dems can load them into vans on the first Tuesday after the first Monday every other year. After that, who cares?

  59. Keep voting in the elite hard leftists and this will only get worse. You deserve this because you allowed it due to your votes in support of the lunacy.

  60. David Puddy says:

    Welcome to the world of a total democratic controlled liberal city.

  61. Barb Griffin says:

    This is what tourists, guests and residents of this fine city see every day. Uncontrolled filth, drugs and mental health issues. And riding BART can seem like a a life threatening event.

  62. Lynn Wood says:

    Any excuse to waste water cleaning hard surface areas. Can Silicon Valley produce a waterless method of cleaning? We need to conserve our water. Is there a special rate tier for water consumed in this manner? Who is underwriting that subsidy.

    I know, solar powered UV light projecting sterilizer robots. (off point and expensive, yes, that is how things are done now.)

  63. What California must see is people voting with their feet leaving the state with all their equity by the millions and leaving their California attitude there.

    When they see the oppressive tax base; from state, county, city, product, vehicles, all taxes.
    Causing a heavy bind on the systems greed, lust, fraud, extortion, etc.

    This and the lack of real voters will send a strong message, we are fed up, sick and tired of these animals stealing our hard earned money, liberties, rights, and thinking they are our gods…

    I left Berzerkeley years ago and have a real life, those who can go, those who are stuck try to get out of the communist state of commifornia….

  64. “It’s a real concern for our riders, and we appreciate that,” said BART spokesman Chris Filippi. “But what we have to do is make the most of the resources, the limited resources that we have.”

    That’s strange, these same smarmy pricks always boast that California has, “The world’s 6th largest economy all by itself.” Yet you can’t clean up a subway station. Pathetic liberals, man up and clean your city!

  65. You can’t expect much different in a city and state run by Democrats.

  66. It’s Jerry Brown’s California. What else do you expect?

  67. Ford Hanson says:

    It is beyond scary and disgusting. I got off one of the trains on a Sat, and there was a pair of huge jeans full of poo sitting there in the middle of the walkway. Someone had pooped a full load and just stepped out of their pants and left them.

  68. Joe Pace says:

    Impose the “broken window” rule and in a year you will have taken back your city.

  69. lthacker28shackman28 says:

    This is what you get from California liberals in charge for decades. Californians deserve all of this as they keep voting these liberal dummies into office. No sympathy as they choose this for themselves.

  70. This is pitiful. Just had a tour of China, including their subway. Its is clean and well maintained there. It’s really disappointing and really disgusting when a communist nation can do better than the best country on earth. .

  71. One of the most beautiful and expensive cities in America allows this. I guess this is what the voters have been voting for with their progressive ideals. For the love of G-d how do people, specifically those with affluence accept this. San Francisco is a city that needs a Rudy Giuliani type Mayor to clean this up.

    And earth to all the Berkeley minded numbskulls….The worst thing you can do for the homeless and drug users is encourage it. Frankly the most humane thing the city can do is arrest these people!

  72. Meanwhile, the leftist running the city are wringing their hands about this wondering how to blame themselves for this state of affairs.

  73. Jackie Meyer says:

    This is a sanctuary city, LIVE WITH IT. Drugies need safe places too.

  74. Over half the homeless population in the country live in California. So it is more a California problem than it is a national problem. Moonbeam Brown and his liberal policies have created an enormous crisis that will be impossible to resolve until a conservative administration is put into place.

  75. I do not know one person who wishes to relocate to California anymore, or one person who doesn’t have a soured view of the state. 15-20 years ago, it was the opposite. San Fran used to be THE place I wanted to move after college. I won’t step foot near it anymore. Sad, really because it was once a phenomenal city, along with its surrounds. What you see today is merely a culmination of decades of permissiveness in the name of “tolerance”.

    California has been ruined and is swiftly becoming the armpit of America. The open addiction problem in San Fran is only a symptom of a larger problem known as “lack of common sense liberalism.” Sadly, as California goes, so does the rest of America. That has been the case on nearly ever social issue to hit the stage for the past 60 years.

    San Fran, you’ve reaped exactly what you have sewn (and voted for). You made your bed, now lay in it.

  76. Its not a national homeless and drug problem. Most of it is in Democrat states.

  77. Everybody, come to San Francisco and see the Progress!!!! Yes indeedy, Progress brought to you by real Progressives who are smarter than you and who care about people more than you do!

    NOTHING, and I mean nothing says “caring” like streets with human feces and dirty needles! Anyone who says otherwise is a big meanie Republican!

  78. >>>>>>>>>
    The Drug issue in large part is what causes the homeless issue. The Dems idea of legalizing all drugs will not help stop this scurge, it will just take it out of the view of the public, but these people will still be there, as will the homelessness, broken families, etc. caused by this. VOTE REPUBLICAN … the Dems have controlled CA for over 65 YEARS, they’ve had their chance.

  79. Jeff Glancy says:

    Maybe spike the drugs with something and thin the herd!

    1. Good plan. In a related vein, why not send confiscated drugs to prisons? There’s a herd that could use some thinning!

  80. Or you could just drive your car to work, unless S.F. has banned cars for the good of the environment.