SACRAMENTO (AP) — A man living in the U.S. illegally has been sentenced to the death penalty for the 2014 killing of a Northern California sheriff’s deputy and a detective.

The Sacramento Bee reports Luis Bracamontes smiled during Wednesday’s sentencing and was eventually tossed out of the court room for yelling. He was previously convicted for killing Sacramento County sheriff’s Deputy Danny Oliver and Placer County sheriff’s Detective Michael Davis Jr.

The two men’s family members and friends made emotional pleas and statements ahead of the sentencing.

The Bee reports former Placer County Deputy Chuck Bardo called Bracamontes a monster and a coward.

Bracamontes is a Mexican citizen who repeatedly entered the United States illegally.

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  1. Sounds like Luis Bracamontes is a good reminder of why we need to keep illegal Mexicans out of this great country of ours.
    Those people do not comprehend rules and treat our country like their sh ithole. In Mexico you can take a dump in the streets and people cheer you on.
    They come here and poop out off-spring like they prepare tacos….fast and sloppy and then we have to waste our tax dollars on supporting them.
    Please Lord bless us with a WALL to keep the garbage from the south out of our wonderful country.

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