LAKE TAHOE (CBS SF) — Placer County sheriff’s deputies were called to a home in the North Lake Tahoe area Thursday afternoon to chase a bear out of a home, according to authorities.

What the sheriff’s office described as a “hungry and fearless bear” had broken into a Northstar home. When the owners spotted the bear, they contacted the sheriff’s office for assistance.

On Thursday, the Placer County Sheriff’s Department posted video on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube that showed the encounter with the bear.

In the clip, the bear is seen standing on the center island counter in the kitchen apparently eating some sourdough bread as a deputy hits the kitchen window from the outside to get the animal’s attention.

The clip also shows still photos of the bear eating fruit on the floor of the kitchen as one of the deputies enters the room.

Bear in North Lake Tahoe home (Placer County Sheriff’s Office)

“Our deputies were able to chase him out of the house, after he snacked on some fruit and bread!” authorities said in text posted with the video.

The sheriff’s officer warned that it is the time of year when bears are coming out of hibernation, saying locals should use caution if they encounter bears.

“In this case, the homeowners were very grateful to the deputies who got the bear out of their house with no injuries and no property damage,” authorities said.