PALO ALTO (KPIX) — One school is taking a novel approach to making the teen’s life less stressful by finally giving its students something they’ve been clamoring for — more time to sleep in.

Palo Alto High is one of the Bay Area’s most highly rated schools.

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But the competitive environment has also given it a reputation for having students under pressure.

“It’s quite stressful because we have finals coming up,” says David Ely, a sophomore. “A lot of people have AP testing going on. We’re trying to finish off the year strong, stay motivated.”

Now in a plan to support student well-being, Paly is rolling back the clock. Starting next fall, morning bell will be later. It is changing from 8:15 a.m. every day, to 8:30 a.m. and 10 a.m. on alternate days.

School officials hope it will allow students to get more sleep and catch up on school work.

Junior Peter Martin likes the idea.

“It would help me out. I sometimes doze off in class after late nights,” says Martin.

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The scheduling changes are some of the recommendations put out by a committee of parents and students, faculty and staff, that were put together late last year to look into ways to cut down on Palo Alto High School student stress.

The alternating schedule will give students 3 classes on one day, and four on another.

That could help cut down on so-called “test stacking.” That’s when students face multiple tests all on the same day.

It will also allow students who may be struggling on one subject, to come in early on their late days to meet with the teacher.

But not all parents are on board.

Dan Jozefov who had two sons go through Paly High says it pushes hard against after school sports and transfers stress to parents who drop off more than one student.

“It will be more difficult if you have two,” he says. “One starts at 8 the other at 10. It makes for an extra trip, an extra round trip.”

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Students say they aren’t sure how it will all work out but they are looking forward to their late days. They will probably use it to get more sleep.