FREMONT (CBS SF) — A 24-year-old Fremont Lyft driver has been charged with three counts of sexual assault in an alleged attack on a female passenger, authorities announced Wednesday.

Fremont police said Jaswanthreddy Baireddy was being held without bail on rape of an unconscious victim, forced oral copulation and forced digital penetration charges in Alameda County jail. He was scheduled to be in court later this week.

According to investigators, a 29-year-old woman ordered a ride to a friend’s home in Berkeley using the Lyft mobile app on April 8th.

Baireddy picked up the victim and drove her initially to Berkeley, but when the victim’s friend was not home, he advised her was now “off duty” and offered to give her a ride home.

Investigators said Baireddy subsequently drove past the victim’s exit on the freeway. When she expressed a desire to go home, Baireddy suggested the victim rest while he got her food.

He proceeded to drive to Fremont, stop at a drive thru restaurant and eventually brought the victim to his home in the 38000 block of Camden Street.

Investigators said that Baireddy escorted the victim inside his home and offered her marijuana. Within a short period of time, Baireddy directed the victim upstairs.

Once upstairs, Baireddy informed the victim he was too tired to drive and suggested she lay down. Shortly after, the victim was allegedly sexually assaulted.

Following the alleged assault, police said, Baireddy drove the victim home.

The female victim then sought medical care and contacted local law enforcement. Based on the victim’s statement, Baireddy’s statement and physical evidence, the 24-year-old was arrested.

Anyone with information regarding this incident or any other incidents involving Baireddy is asked to please contact Detective C. Tang at 510-790-6900 or via email at We will also accept anonymous tips. Text “TIP FREMONTPD” followed by your message to 888-777, or via the web at

  1. It is not a surprise that something that looks like Jaswanthreddy Baireddy would force himself onto a woman. I am sure he has never been touched by anyone (not even himself).

    But on the other hand, these millennial women are dumber than dirt and believe anything you tell them.
    No wonder so many of them spread for any guy who offers to buy them dinner and some fancy dessert.

    So, in the end, both of these tu rds are losers at life and a source of free entertainment for the rest of us.

    Praise the Lord for creating so many dumb f%^kers in our world and the endless entertainment that they provide to those of us lucky enough not to be idiots.

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