By Len Ramirez

FREMONT (KPIX 5) — People in Fremont are on edge Friday following a string of violent robberies all targeting women wearing gold chains, including two incidents that were caught on camera.

In one clip, the victim is seen casually pumping gas into their car next to another man doing the same.

Then a robber, wearing a black hooded parka clearly cases her. Seconds later he reappears from behind the pumps and attacks.

He grabs for her gold necklace, but the woman fights back. He grapples with her, throwing her to the ground causing her shoe to go flying.

He finally pulls hard enough to break the chain and runs away with it.

The stunned victim gets up and fortunately does not appear to be seriously hurt.

Neighbor Hamsa Bangalore told KPIX 5 Fremont police sent out an alert and word is now spreading fast about the series of attacks on women in the community.

“Women are more cautious and try to take the necessary precautions,” said Bangalore.

Since the beginning of May, there have been six robberies along the Fremont Boulevard and Paseo Padre corridors. Each has targeted South Asian women with gold chains.

“They know that all the women wear their manglesutras, That is the sentiment that we have,” said Bangalore. “All the married women wear it. They know it is there and they try to take it.”

In a second video from a homes surveillance camera, another woman is seen being attacked on a neighborhood sidewalk.

The woman is slammed to the ground as the robber grabs the chain and runs away. Seconds later the woman gets up and appears to be OK.

Another neighbor’s surveillance video shows an earlier scene. The same man appears to be hunting for victims.

He follows one woman in a stroller, but turns back when she crosses the street.

Police said similarities in the cases suggest the same suspect is involved.

Women KPIX 5 spoke to said they will take precautions, but not stop walking.

“Probably I would wear my jackets up so that you can’t see. And I will be more careful about my surroundings for next time,” said Bangalore.

Police have not identified any suspects so far and have cautioned women in the area to avoid wearing valuable jewelry or

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    I wear a gold chain and it has a small cross on it and was given to me by my grandmother.
    If it was up to weak useless people like you no one would have the right to wear something nice.
    The criminal was that BLACK thing in the hoodie in the video not the poor woman who you are blaming.