SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — Thousands of revelers jammed the streets of Mission District under blue skies Sunday, taking in the vibrant sights and sounds of the 40th anniversary of Carnaval San Francisco.


As in past years, the parade was led off by the crowd favorite — more than 100 cars representing lowrider clubs from throughout Northern California. Among them was Crip, whose 1963 Impala was loaded up with his children.

“It’s (low-riding) history, it’s us,” he said. “It’s everything we have known.”

Chris Elmore’s car drew “oohs and aahs” from the crowd as it was tilted nearly sideways, balancing on just one axel.

“It (his car) does a lot of tricks,” he said. “You gotta have fun out here. I’ve been into it (low-riding) for about 35 years now.”


Once the possession of lowriders passed, the parade was taken over by dance and music groups representing the cultures of Mexico, the Caribbean and South America.

The parade has become a yearly destination for many San Franciscans including David Kobren.

“It (the parade) is one of the great expressions of the city,” he said. “It’s the Mission District at its finest…The whole community pours its heart into this.”

In all 80-plus comparsa – performing groups – paraded down Mission Street, entertaining the large crowd with ethnic dance, colorful costumes and music.

Vanessa was among the dancers, wearing a stunning white outfit that took hours of hand sewing to create.

“We are so happy to be here,” she said. “We love everyone here today.”


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