HALF MOON BAY (CBS SF) — ‘Farmer’ John Muller is best known for growing some of Half Moon Bay’s biggest pumpkins, but an economic downturn has him considering a crop rotation of a different type.

Among the pumpkins, arugula, lettuce, onions and other crops on Farmer John’s Farm may soon be rows of legal marijuana plants.

“This plant (marijuana) may be a way to stay in agriculture,” Muller told KPIX 5.

Muller’s large family farm has fallen into a bit of disrepair. The large greenhouses built in the 1960s are showing signs of wear and tear and the family’s cash flow is simply not what it once was. There are also the health care costs of his aging in-laws who also live on the farm.

Like many farmers in California, Muller has a tough choice to make.

“I think if we could derive some income from the cannabis, that would be enough to offset their (his in-laws) expenses,” he said.

His Wife, Edna, agrees that legal pot may keep the farm in business.

“We are hoping that the cannabis is the new use for these greenhouses to keep Daylight Farms in business,” she said.

The Muller would partner with investors who would rebuild the greenhouses and grow young cannabis plants that would be sold to other farmers.

But growing legal marijuana would be a change for Muller, a Republican, Vietnam Vet and former Half Moon Bay mayor. He admits he didn’t even vote for Prop. 64 — the measure that make recreational pot legal in California.

“I don’t want to make more people smoke pot, but I don’t have any control over that,” he said of his dilemma.

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