OAKLAND (CBS SF) – Just a few days after there were questions whether one of the three horrifically abused pups found in an Oakland trash pile would survive her injuries, a Bay Area animal rescue group says the dogs are all thriving.

Over the Memorial Day weekend, three German shepherd puppies were found tortured and dumped in the same pile of garbage at 89th and G Streets. Two sibling puppies were found Saturday night, with a third dog discovered Monday afternoon.

Two of the pups had badly broken jaws and one was missing a rear paw.

On Wednesday, Rocket Dog Rescue shared video that showed two of the canines — the sisters now named Freya and Frigg — eating, playing, and even kissing each other’s faces with that broken jaw.

“They were in very terrible shape. We were thinking they were not able to survive. But after this care, they are doing really well; much improvement,” said Shikher Singla, a veterinarian at Ocean Ave Veterinary Hospital, where the animals are being kept.

The third puppy is also safe and recovering at the Oakland Animal Services shelter. Officials say this could be a serial animal torture case.

The Oakland Police Department is helping investigate.

“To see these animals smashed and to not know how many more animals are going to be hurt before this person is found is just terrifying,” said Pali Boucher with Rocket Dog Rescue

Pet Food Express is offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to an arrest.