SAN BENITO (CBS SF) — The bodies of three people — including two small children — were discovered in the burned out remains of a camping trailer by Calfire crews battling wildfires in rural San Benito County, officials announced Tuesday.

Calfire officials said firefighters were dispatched late Monday night to battle a 64-acre wildfire off Panoche Road north of San Benito.

During the firefighting operation, crews located a deceased adult in what appeared to be the remains of a camping trailer on the property.

The San Benito County Sheriff’s Office coroner was called to the scene. Once onscene, the detectives also located the remains of what are believed to be an adult female, a toddler and an infant.

Identification and notification of next-of-kin was underway.

Officials said CalFire was investigating the origin and cause of the fire. The San Benito County Sheriff’s Office has the role of coroner, only, and is not investigating the incident.