SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Police have identified the man allegedly behind a road rage incident on a busy Sacramento street Monday, according to CBS13.

Garcia Alvarez, 40, is accused of ramming his Chevrolet SUV into the side of a Honda SUV multiple times, jumping on it and tearing off parts in the Monday incident.

The incident happened Monday afternoon at 10th and X streets. The driver, identified by police as Alvarez, can be seen on video ramming his SUV into another SUV and eventually pushing it into the roadway.

“It felt unreal; it’s like something out of a movie,” said Nikki Guinn, a witness.

Guinn lives across from the intersection and captured the incident on camera after hearing commotion outside.

“He backs up but doesn’t attempt to hit anyone else. He’s really just focused on the blue CR-V,” Guinn said.

The man continued ramming the SUV then jumped on top and began hitting the CR-V with his hands and feet.

Sacramento road rage suspect Garcia Alvarez (Sacramento Police Department)

“There definitely seemed to be a disconnect because he wasn’t communicating to anybody,” Guinn added.

A splintered power pole and debris scattered on the ground marked the aftermath of the incident. But there’s another incident, this one on Business 80, that the man was allegedly involved in.

“The initial call was that someone was behind a driver and upset for some reason after a disturbance on the freeway,” said Sgt. Vance Chandler with the Sacramento Police Department.

The suspect ended up on 5th and X streets, where police say he rammed the car he was allegedly following on Business 80. From there, officers say the suspect became fixated on the Honda CR-V.

“This person was in a crisis obviously,” Chandler said.

Police stood back, waiting for the clearly agitated suspect to calm down.

“They were unable to get him to cooperate or speak to them,” Chandler added.

The video shows the suspect eventually falling from the top of the CR-V, and officers quickly moving in to detain him.

Alvarez was booked into the Sacramento County Jail on charges of felony vandalism and felony assault.