SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX) – Viral video of a white woman reportedly calling police on an 8-year-old black girl selling bottled water has prompted an apology.

The incident allegedly happened Friday in front of the little girl’s home, near AT&T Park.

The girl’s cousin posted the video on Twitter with the hashtag #PermitPatty and wrote, ‘So my little cousin was selling water and didn’t have a permit so this lady decided to call the cops on an 8 year old.’

In the 15-second clip, the cousin follows a woman who has been identified as Alison Ettel.

Saturday night Ettel tweeted: “I would like to make a public apology for my actions. They were wrong. I was stressed and admittedly did the wrong thing. I am not racist and what I did had absolutely nothing to with her race. I have apologized on the Huffington Post.”

Many are comparing Ettel to a woman in at Lake Merritt in Oakland who called police to report a black family who was lawfully barbecuing. That woman was dubbed ‘Barbecue Becky.’

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  1. Let’s review: It should be obvious that the 8-year old did nothing wrong. And the woman who called the police was a jerk for doing it, but there’s no law against being a jerk.

    So, that leaves the third party; … the person or persons who took the call at the police department, and who would make the decision to either send police to the location, or to tell “Permit Patty” to take a chill pill and mind her own business, since no “crime” was involved.

    If those who took that call at the police department had done their job, and had treated the woman like the crank she was, and later admitted to being, this would all be a non-story.

  2. Another over educated woman with worthless degrees that has never accomplished her dreams, whatever they were, and takes her frustration out on other people. She has some kind of marijuana business for pets. There was another whackjob the other week in Oakland who called the cops because some family was barbecuing with live coals in a place where you’re not supposed to. In that case Jennifer Schulte, known as “BBQ Becky,” was hauled off for a psych eval.

  3. Will Lee says:

    Also, there’s the White Woman at the Daly City Lucky’s that told the Filipino couple to go back home. And the White Woman in Fremont, that told the Korean-American Veteran to go back to China. The White Woman in Oakland calling the police on the Black people have a BBQ. There are many racists being encouraged by the climate of the current racist WH Administration. 311 wouldn’t be sending out any SFPD for the water bottle situation. They don’t even show up for fender benders.

    1. For what it’s worth, I’m an immigrant white guy who supports Trump and his administration, and I would NEVER do the things that you described. Please don’t generalize and call all Trump supporters “racist” because that’s simply not true. I’m married to a non-white person and we are both very happy together. She’s not white and she supports Trump too, so please don’t try to make Trump admin all about race, because it’s not.

      Identity politics and ruining race relations were 0bama regime’s priorities.

      Yes, there are cranks walking around and telling people to go back to some place they are not actually from. I’ve been told to go back to country X and Y (both were wrong) because of my slight accent. These frustrated losers failed at their own lives so now they take out their frustrations on people who had nothing to do with them failing at life.

      If an immigrant can come to this country and in 10 years have a better job, better standard of living, than Americans born here, and can send his children to college, he/she earned it, so those fat tubs of guts better stop whining and get to work !

      1. If you voted for and support Trump, even if you’re not a self proclaimed racist, you may as well be! You’re supporting an administration that is making it a priority to disenfranchise non-white people and those considered “other”. You can’t just separate your politics from their real life implications, that’s not how policy works! You trying to blame Obama for race relations instead of blaming ACTUAL racist tells me that you don’t want to be called a racist but have no problem turning a blind eye to the things they do! Keep telling yourself this administration isn’t racist, you won’t see it because even though you identify as an “immigrant” you’re still a white male!

    2. We really cannot comment on those incidents and maybe they were just a misunderstanding. So many times people tell other people to go home because they just want them to be happy and back with their families.
      Look at all the illegals who are coming to our border. They would be much happier being back in their countries rather than walking aimlessly through the desert. They need to stop acting as if they are some biblical tribe looking for the promised land.

  4. This racist tub of guts loser land whale has failed at life so now she goes around making everyone miserable. What a sore loser !

    She probably has a degree in art history, social studies or some other useless field of study so she can claim that she’s “college educated” but she actually works at the loading dock at Walmart.

    What a racist loser !

  5. This useless whorbag probably cannot get a date even if she paid for it and that is why she felt the need to make herself important. She should be exercising her extra-wide arsche instead of being on her mobile.
    She is exactly what is wrong with the hippie freaks who have overrun SF. They are like living vomit that stains the streets of this once great city.

  6. Leave the girl alone OK? She did nothing wrong, if thats all she did.

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