MONTEREY (KPIX) – The woman convicted of killing a Google executive is telling her side of the story.

Alix Tichelman was known as the ‘Call Girl Killer,’ and convicted in the heroin overdose death of Google executive Forrest Hayes. He died aboard his yacht ‘The Escape’ in the Santa Cruz harbor in 2013.

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“When he fell unconscious, I did try to revive him to no avail, and I was very upset,” she said in an interview via Skype.
Tichelman pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter and administering drugs, and has been free for about a year. She spoke via skype with Monterey station KSBW from her native Canada where she was deported after serving 3 years in prison.
Police say Hayes, a married father of 5, had hired the escort through the website Seeking Arrangement, for a night of drugs and sex.

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“He was very adamant about doing the drugs,” said Tichelman. “Despite what police say, we never had sex, he wasn’t interested in that. He was more interested in partying.”
Tichelman says it was her second time meeting Hayes.

“I also did not know that hours before I got there, he had been drinking and taking Valium, and though he seemed perfectly sober to me, both of those pieces of information that I know now, I would have never let him take the drugs.”
Authorities say after Tichelman shot him up with that fatal dose of heroin, surveillance video captures her leaving without calling 911. She casually steps over his body, finishes a glass of wine, and lowered a blind.
“That’s not the case at all, I was in a complete panic,” she insists. “I was inebriated, I was on Valium, I had injected myself first. It looked to me like he was still breathing and it looked like he had passed out, and I know that in the past I’ve done drugs, and not woken up until 24 hours later and so I figured it was something like that — which was wishful thinking.”
Tichelman says she regrets not calling 911.
“I wish I could go back and change what happened but I can’t and that’s something that I have to live with and something that his family has to live with.”
She says she is clean and sober today, and works a normal job.

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Just days after this interview with KSBW, a Georgia District Attorney announced Tichelman was indicted by a grand jury on murder charges for the heroin overdose death of her ex-boyfriend Dean Riopelle. He also died in 2013.