SAN LEANDRO (KPIX) – An Alameda County Fire Department Battalion Chief is recovering in the hospital after he was bitten in the face by a pit bull at a San Leandro house fire.

It happened around 9:30 a.m. Saturday morning, on Maubert Avenue.

Authorities found several pit bulls outside the home. Two dogs died in the fire and a 15-year-old girl had to be rescued. Her brother had fought to save about 20 dogs and puppies before jumping to safety.

Authorities say the Battalion Chief John Whiting was attacked when he approached the teenager to ask her questions.

“As he approached he made sure the dog was subdued and was okay to approach (but) he was 2 to 3 feet away from the girl and for whatever reason the dog jumped and attacked our battalion chief causing severe damage to his face,” said Alan Evans a fire department spokesman.

The battalion chief was rushed by ambulance to Stanford Medical Center where he underwent the first of many reconstructive surgeries on his face.

“It was a very, I would say, extreme bite,” said Evans.

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  1. These dogs are utter killers. All over the US, innocent children, senior citzens, and thousands of other dogs, are being mutiliated and murdered by these predators. Pit bulls murder a dozen babies a year, mutiliate many more, …ripped slowly to shreds by these dogs, their facial flesh ripped off piece by piece as they scream in agony and horor. Takes 5 minutes to die, in agony. ER doctors report even the nurses sometimes faint seeing these mutilated babies.

    PIt bulls were bred over hundreds of years to be the perfect fighting machine. They are pound for pound as deadly as any tiger or wolf. They can easily jump a 6 foot wooden fence and bash through a screen door to attack and kill your poor pet or your baby in your own home. Read up on it. This happens.

    They aren’t evil. On a farm or ranch, they are happy and they belong, In a city they are despised and miserable. These are NOT PETS.

    Pit bull owners and advocates are the worst liars on the planet. Incredible the BS they spew. Shelters and “rescue” organizations lie too, they want to get those dogs away from themselves so they aren’t liable.

    It’s an epidemic, growing every year. Mayors and city councils won’t protect the public or their police by banning these dogs.

  2. nova9 says:

    People’s dangerous pets are a lot more valuable that human lives. The Fire Department should already no that.