BERKELEY (KPIX 5) – New video shows a group of women swarming through Lululemon, a popular athletic clothing store and yanking clothes off the shelf before taking off.

More than a dozen Lululemon stores in the Bay Area have been hit in the same way and police say the suspects are still on the loose.

The Lululemon store on Fourth Street in Berkeley is having an unlucky July. Police say this group of thieves has struck four times here since July 2nd, stealing thousands of dollars’ worth of merchandise.


Surveillance video shows the latest crime on July 18.

The group of women enter the store, move right for the shelves and begin shoveling yoga gear into bags. Police say these thefts all happened in the early afternoons between 1 pm and 4 pm.

“They take the merchandise, put it in a bag and walk out. Most of these thefts are happening within a minute,” said Berkeley Police Department spokesman Byron White.

It’s not just Berkeley. This weekend at a LuLulemon store in Fresno, police said a group of women walked in together, went directly over to the yoga pants shelves, and quickly emptied them.

Each pair of yoga pants at Lululemon costs from $100 to $150 dollars The thieves stole 148 pairs. Police say the Fresno crew got away with $17,000 dollars in athletic gear.

Police believe both crimes are possibly related.

Fresno police say the thefts fit the pattern of similar crimes in some Bay Area Lululemon stores, in Berkeley, San Jose, Palo Alto, San Mateo and Gilroy. Most of the crimes are caught on video. The criminals have not been caught.

“It seems that they already know exactly what it is that they want,” said White. “But in some of the videos you just see that they are just grabbing everything that they could fit into their bags.”

Anyone who recognizes the women in the video should contact Berkeley Police right away.

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  1. You’re kidding, right? You’re calling them women? These are female hoodrats…doing what they do best…being parasites upon society and taking what is NOT theirs.

  2. Warrior of GOD says:

    Blacks feel entitled to everything ever since Obama was in office….And they wonder why the prisons are filled with mostly blacks….

  3. So shocked to see a band of female thieves who are African American! Really, just shocking! I’m shocked.

  4. Sam Katch says:

    May they receive what they truly deserve for these acts.

  5. Wow was having post issue but yea, did not need to look, sad.

  6. Don’t point out their skin color. They all tried to be scientists, doctors and engineers. But, whitey kept them down yet again. 😉

  7. Don McCoy says:

    WOW!! I thought for SURE they’d be white!!

  8. Mustafa Amul says:

    Slay queens! Taking what is owed them from the racists.

  9. bob e says:

    “We B Fam a Lee”

  10. Bailey Moad says:

    I knew it before I read the article or saw the video. Never one iota of doubt.

  11. They have never touch those things. Let them touch those things!

  12. The only reason white or Asian kids won’t try this must be because it will be considered “cultural appropriation.”

  13. It’s funny. Male thieves go into a store and steal computers and other electronic devices. Women go into a store and steal clothing. Hunter gathers going berserk!

  14. Stores should install electronic locks. So the cashier can buzz people in or out. Just like banks. Then if the little thugs get in by following someone, they still cannot leave without a code, or switch being enabled. Simply call the police and wait.

  15. So curious why they blurred out the first ones face on video?

  16. Phil Davison says:

    Surveillance cameras are a blessing. Now we know who REALLY commits the crimes.

  17. bluzman61 says:

    Is anyone surprised who these “women” are?

  18. It takes a serious mind to commit a serious crime. These black girls might complain to the court that they did not receive the privileges that their colleagues in crime over in Pittsburgh were given in life; therefore, in comparison, they haven’t destroyed irreplaceable objects of our human inheritance and should be permitted to return the lifted t-shirts taken in a moment of regrettable envy whereas the two rich Whites have no excuse and are the true criminals.

  19. So that’s what Lululemon thieves look like. Always wondered about that.