by Susie Steimle

SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX) — A San Francisco tech company is releasing a new app to help users find a restroom in a crowded city.

The app is called Good2Go and it offers relief from the lack of public restrooms in busy cities like San Francisco, where restrooms are usually accompanied by a “For Customers Only” sign or by a keypad that can only be unlocked by a customer.

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“San Francisco is underserved when it comes to public restrooms and the conditions of those public restrooms are not very good,” said Pete Gualfetti of Good2Go.

The startup is partnering with San Francisco businesses to build its own clean public bathroom network that can be tracked through the app.

Everything is hands-free, from opening the door to flushing the toilet. The app even creates a virtual queue for you.

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“So instead of waiting in line, your phone will wait in line for you so you can continue your meeting. When it’s your turn, it will give you a notification,” explained Gualfetti.

Ivor Bradley is the manager of The Creamery, where Good2Go first launched. Bradley said that they’ve never kept the public out when they’re looking for a public restroom, but he also said that the app has brought more people in who are curious about the convenient commode.

“We’ve seen definitely an increase in foot traffic over the last year. People curious about the bathroom or have downloaded the app and come to use it on a regular basis,” said Bradley.

The plan is for Good2Go to move to a subscription-based model charging $2.99 a day, $14.99 a week or $19.99 a month to use its services.

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The question for customers is: will they want to pay so they no longer have to look for a lavatory?