ALAMEDA (KPIX) – When students go back to school in Alameda next week, there will be fewer dress code restrictions thanks to some students who fought for fashion justice, and won.

Come Monday Abby Rose will be able to wear her favorite ripped jeans on the first day of school, and won’t be sent home. She was tired of getting called in to the principal’s office for her outfits.

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“They used to pull me out of class which is not okay,” she said.

She found her voice along with a group of other students who spent two years trying to get the school dress code revised. They took their message to the District.

“It was crazy but it was like really interesting and eye-opening experience,” said Rose.

Turns out, the District listened.

“A number of schools across the country are making similar changes to dress code policies. It’s really a movement that’s sweeping across the country.” said Alameda Unified School District spokesperson Susan Davis.

Alameda Unified Middle School Students and High school students are now allowed to wear hats indoors, shorts of any length, spaghetti-strapped tank tops, and yes, ripped jeans.

“If you want jeans that are not ripped it’s like really expensive,” said Rose.

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Students are not allowed To wear clothing displaying violence, pornographic images, illegal activity, or have visible underwear, bathing suits and certain headgear.

“I just was gonna wear cargo jeans and maybe some jeans sometimes,” said Daniel Kinna.

He is all set for the first day of middle school. As for how he feels about the restrictions on violent images.

“I don’t think you should wear ‘I love drugs’ or anything else like that.”

Kim Kinna, his mom likes the change of clothing so to speak.

“I think with the diversity in Alameda it’s good we honor diversity in dress, but I also think you have to have boundaries,” she said.

The District says it is proud of its persistent students but they also make it very clear:

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“There still is a dress code,” said Davis. “Students still have to wear a top and bottom and shoes.”