SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX 5) — A family seeking justice returned to the scene of the crime on Tuesday, the 12th anniversary of their son’s murder in San Francisco.

Every year since her son – 17-year-old Aubrey Abrakasa — was gunned down at the intersection of Grove and Baker streets in 2006, Paulette Brown has made an annual pilgrimage returns to the spot. She says she can feel his spirit here.

This pain never ends said Brown. It just shows you how trauma continues affect your mind about your loved ones when you lose them.

It was just after 3 p.m. on this date in 2006 when Abrakasa was heading to work at the Bernal Heights Rec Center when he was shot 20 times. Brown says he had seen several suspects with a gun and was trying to warn someone else they were in danger when he was shot himself.

“Everybody said, ‘Well, he was a hero,’ And I said, ‘But he’s not here with me,'” said Brown.

Every year, Brown returns to the intersection, bringing balloons and posting photos while renewing her plea for justice in the hopes that more information will surface to help solve the case.

“Maybe these crimes will stop if these perpetrators see the victims that they’ve murdered. They’re still walking the streets. We are still in pain, in trauma,” said Brown.

While San Francisco Police won’t verify Browns account of what happened right before her sons death, they say they may provide more information later Tuesday afternoon. A $250,000 reward has been offered for information on the case.