Phoenix, AZ (CBS Local)- An Arizona man has been accused of beating and killing the man who attempted to enter a bathroom stall that his daughter was in.

According to ABC 15, 40-year-old Melvin Harris has been charged with second-degree murder after confronting and beating the man outside a Quick Trip store in the Phoenix area on August 2nd.

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Police told the station that Harris went to pick up his daughter and her friends at the store at around 11:30 p.m. on the night of August 2nd.

After Harris arrived at the store, a man, who would later become the victim, approached his car in the parking lot asking for money. Harris gave him the money and the man proceeded to enter the store. Harris was informed a little while later that a man had attempted to enter the bathroom stall his daughter was using. The girl told an employee at the store, who told a security guard.

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When the man exited the store, Harris recognized him as the man he had given money to. At that point Harris reportedly told the security guard “he needed to take care of the situation, or [Harris] would do it himself.” That’s when witnesses state that things became physical. From the report:

“According to witnesses, Harris later approached the man and punched him in the face. Witnesses also reportedly told police that Harris stood over him, hitting him in the face several more times. He also allegedly kicked and stomped on him.”

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Police caught up with Harris at his house later that night and Harris told the officers that the man had struck him first. The victim was taken to the hospital where he later died of brain injuries.