(CBS SF) — A San Bruno man has been arrested for allegedly video recording his consensual sexual activity with a woman without her knowledge.

San Bruno police said Monday that a woman reported to officers on August 11 that she believed she had been videotaped while having sex with man she had recently met.

The woman told police the video was recording without her knowledge or consent.

Police said an investigation corroborated the woman’s account, and officers arrested 31-year-old Scott Michael Inouye on charges related to surreptitious recordings of sexual contact.

Investigators also believe there may be additional victims and urged anyone with information about Inouye to contact the San Bruno Police Department.


  1. What surprises us more if that women are dumb enough to be going down on f^&k ugly things like this Inouye.
    I guess women these days are desperate enough to get their load on regardless who spews it out.

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