SAN FRANCISCO (AP/CBS SF) — Adults are still trying to find way to curb and control children’s use of smartphones, especially at school.

New types of media and technology and their effect on children has always posed a dilemma for grown-ups, but smartphones seem to be the most challenging. Experts say they are harder for parents and teachers to monitor due to the highly customized, 24/7 presence in kids’ lives.

The French have come up with one of the most draconian plans, so far.

The government passed a law banning phone use in all primary and middle schools for the entire day, including during breaks, with exceptions in cases of emergency and for disabled children.

French high schools can opt in to the new policy voluntarily.

The law allows teachers to confiscate phones until the end of the day if students don’t comply with the new rules.

In California, some schools in Marin County instituted a similar policy, called ‘Away for the Day’ which allows teachers to lock up smartphones in middle schools for the entire day.

At Drake High in San Anselmo, they call it ‘cell phone parking.’ A history teacher has her students leave their smartphones in pouches during class.

So far, the results have been positive.