SAN JOSE (CBS SF) — Police searched Tuesday for the driver of a white Honda Civic who cruised through a stop sign and then brazenly slammed into two youngsters riding their bikes on a San Jose street.

Investigators said the incident occurred on Aug. 27th on El Molina Way and they have released home surveillance video showing the accident in the hopes of identifying the driver.

On the video, the Honda can be seen moving toward a stop sign and then cruising through, striking a 12-year-old girl and a 13-year-old boy on their bikes. The boy is hurled onto the hood by the force of impact, then goes airborne and lands on the street. He suffered a broken wrist.

The girl is struck and tossed off her bike, suffering a concussion. The video then shows the driver backing up and then hastily driving off.

Wally Cardozo’s home video system captured the incident. He ran out when he heard the commotion and helped the injured children until police arrived.

“I can use words, but I’m not gonna say,” Cardozo told KPIX 5 when asked what kind of person would run into two children. “They had enough time to pause and realize right from wrong.”

The video showed there were three people inside the car.

“I hope they get caught,” Cardozo said. “I hope somebody will step forward or even the guys in the car will say we did the wrong thing, we should’ve stopped.”


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