OAKLAND (CBS SF) — Amy Trask may have moved from an NFL front office to the CBS Sports broadcast set, but she still keeps a pretty close eye on her first love — the Oakland Raiders.

Trask was a rarity in the NFL ranks — the CEO of a franchise when she headed up the Raiders from 1997-2013. During that time span, she was at the helm the first time Jon Gruden was the team’s head coach.

Gruden has returned this season and Trask believes he will be successful.

“There are innumerable people who question what his time away from the game will mean,” she said. “I don’t view it that way. I don’t believe he has had time away from the game. He spent those years looking at all 32 teams and that may certainly give him an advantage. So I’m excited to see how that goes…We’ll see if (QB) Derek Carr flourish under Gruden. Let’s see if he can put players in the best position to win.”

When it comes to quarterbacks, Trask saw a number of them roll through the Raiders camp including Rich Gannon who led the team to the Super Bowl.

“I think Carr is good,” she said of the team’s current quarterback. “I have not yet taken that next step to declare him the top of the heap. We’ve seen what he’s capable of. Let’s see what his protection is like this year. There’s movement on the offensive line. Donald Penn is moving positions.”

“Derek Carr flourishes as do most quarterbacks when he is unscathed during a game. He’s had the luxury of having some very, very good protection during his career. I have my eye on the offensive line.”


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