By Maria Medina

SAN JOSE (KPIX 5) – Nearly a year into marijuana legalization in California, top law enforcement officials are fighting a proposed rule allowing pot deliveries anywhere in the state.

Meanwhile, one cannabis industry leader agrees with their concerns.

Matt Lucero of Buddy’s Cannabis in San Jose has been in the business for nearly a decade. And business is booming for him, even as state and the county pass new laws on the industry.

“It’s a steady, continued growth,” Lucero said.

While Lucero said he makes certain to follow the law, he’s aware that many others are not.

“The black market is alive and well. And right now delivery drivers are the way that the black market is getting their product to folks,” Lucero told KPIX 5.

City and law enforcement leaders have launched a petition against marijuana deliveries that don’t comply with local regulations.

A state rule is being proposed that would allow what they describe as “unchecked home marijuana deliveries” statewide, even where cannabis sales are not allowed.

Police Chief David Swing of Morgan Hill, who is also the president of the California Police Chiefs Association, told KPIX 5 that drivers would be allowed to carry up to $10,000 if the rule goes into place.

“Mobile marijuana delivery will make it easier and more lucrative to rob a delivery person than a liquor store. Robberies are just the tip of the iceberg,” Swing said.

Lucero does not disagree.

“There’s tons of delivery driver businesses that are completely illegal. And for a consumer it’s really hard to tell the difference between the folks who are legitimate and these fly by night guys who are gonna have maybe product that’s not safe,” Lucero said.

The marijuana business operator believes regulating home deliveries like dispensaries, is the path to take to build a relationship between the marijuana business and state and local leaders.

“That’s going to build the confidence to allow this industry to really grow,” Lucero said.

Supporters of deliveries said customers who rely on the services because they are sick, live far from a dispensary or want to stay anonymous.

Comments (7)
  1. Tim Graston says:

    No Pathway No Compliance. Until everyone has a chance to get a license everybody will suffer. I believe most of these delivery services have been there for years. They are the Activists who put there butt on the line to bring people their medicine. The fact that they got washed up in bann apoloza by cities banning cannabis is not setting well with the community. People in the community will stick with there place they have been dealing with if they have been giving good service. Making everybody that got us here shut down in favor of corporate weed is not what the people voted for. When everybody can get a license people will compete then and only then when people are allowed to fail will the industry be able to be regulated. Imagine other licensed companies going to the grey market and say hey if you want to do this get a license and we’ll help you. You sure as hell can’t do that now because they will tell you I can’t get the privilege you got, not that its unfair but it’s UnAmerican… Telling Activists and mom and pop operations serving the community for years to get the hell out is not working. Say no to corporate weed.

  2. William Joey Dorsett says:

    I like deliver because the one I use arrives within 7 to 15 minutes from ordering online. I also like to avoid standing in lines and prefer to wait at home if I have to wait so at least I can do something productive while I wait.

  3. Sue Brown says:

    What is someone go to do when they are legally blind they can’t drive and in the town they live don’t let sales of marijuana. How going to get their marijuana if they want it.
    That is where you need Delivery system for people that is handicap.

  4. Thanks, this is an good article full of useful information for Marijuana Home Delivery