PITTSBURG (KPIX) — Pittsburg police are releasing new body camera video in response to questions about the use of force on a man who was resisting arrest.

Police say they released their own footage after cellphone video of the incident went viral. Officers say they want to be as open as possible about the arrest on September 15.

Police were responding to a call about a man suspected of stealing gasoline in the area of Power Avenue. The first officer found a 31-year-old man matching the description.

The suspect repeatedly said “shoot me” before throwing a crowbar to the ground.

Officers say the man continued to be uncooperative and they used what they call “distraction punches” to get him in handcuffs. Police say the man did receive some cuts in the struggle and was treated by medical personnel.

Officers believe he is the man who stole the gas but the theft investigation is still ongoing.

The department has launched an internal investigation into the use of force.


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