By Joe Vazquez

SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX 5) — Residents of San Francisco’s North Beach neighborhood packed a community meeting on Monday night to voice their concerns about the concurrent increases of both homelessness and crime in the area.

Over the weekend, San Francisco police said a mentally ill homeless man viciously attacked a man walking in Washington Square Park with his young son.

This attack was just one example in an uptick of violent incidents that have occurred in North Beach over the last six months.

“A huge uptick in crime and quality of life issues that have become frightening for a lot of people,” said Erica Sandberg, a San Francisco resident.

Reports of mentally ill homeless people committing a variety of crimes in San Francisco have increased in recent months. Some of these crimes include the homicide of a store clerk and the random stabbing of two people with scissors just down from the crooked section of Lombard Street.

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Because of the increase in crime, a standing-room-only crowd packed a community center in North Beach to voice their concerns and to hear what city leaders are doing to keep neighborhoods safe.

San Francisco Police Chief Bill Scott and City Supervisor Aaron Peskin were at the meeting.

“We’ve got increased homeless problems and people who heretofore haven’t been violent or aggressive, and now are. And everybody is at their wit’s end,” said Peskin.

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Peskin asked for more patrols around parks, which police say they’ve agreed to do. He’s also asking for police to create a special division for big events like the Chinese New Year, so that cops in neighborhoods can focus on keeping people safe.

A navigation center is also in the works.

However, not everybody was thrilled with about the visit from city leaders.

“We’re not seeing preventative action. We’re seeing a lot of reaction,” said Taylor Standlee.

When asked if the meeting gave her any confidence, China Halton said, “No, this is actually making me really angry. Because I hear nothing. And as someone who is in North Beach every day, on a very busy corner, I see no one. I see no authority managing any of it.”

Comments (73)
  1. Mark Em says:

    We’ve made this problem – now we have to live with it or change it.

  2. Vinny NastyDwarf says:

    Manhattan isnt far behind. I’m not sure why they cant be rounded up and sent somewhere, walled off and medicated.

    1. Dee Win says:

      The fruits of “progressive” governance.

    2. They aren’t in mental health institutions because the ACLU decided that was a violation of their civil rights, and they should be able to choose whether or not they want help (eyeroll), thus they are all closed. But the ACLU is awesome right?!?! (another eyeroll) I laugh at these comments because this is what the people of SF LOOOOOOOVE. Liberalism. Here it IS…in all it’s glory. This is what you wanted…these are the people you voted for…here is your utopian liberal society…wear it.

  3. John Woodstone says:

    With all due respect to the Tax Payers of SF, you elected the people that let the homeless problem become critical.

    You deserve exactly what you get because you elected politicians weak on crime and guess what? Crime increased.

  4. Eugene G. Kelly says:

    SF now has a homeless population of over 6000; many of these people are severely mentally ill, with drug and alcohol addictions. they should be in mental hospitals, not on the streets.

  5. Jerry Walton says:

    You pander to deviants and criminals then you are surprised at their actions. Those chickens are coming home to roost.

  6. SF = highest property crime rate in the entire USA…again, in 2018.
    You’re #1!!!
    You’re #1!!!
    You’re #1!!!

  7. Gary Willson says:

    Sanctuary cities, welcoming to the homeless, etc. is great if it doesn’t affect you.

  8. tngilmer says:

    In a free society you get the government you deserve. You voted for this SanFran. Enjoy.

  9. David R. Usher says:

    Marijuana legalization is driving the recent spike of homelessness, mental illness, crime, and cities going broke dealing with the broad list of social, criminal, and economic consequences. The facts are all here. California must grow up and walk away from the drug and sex revolutions to get what everybody wants. You cannot have it both ways.

  10. Steven Soleri says:

    Hey, I am homeless enjoying the local library. Hell yes, I will rob you and relieve you of your belongings. The 1 percenters suck.

  11. San Fran is finished, folks. Staying there demonstrates more insanity than the thousands of SF criminally insane “homeless.” It’s just a matter of time before one of them dramatically changes your life.

  12. Wait a darn minute. I thought that you people preached tolerance, but obviously that tolerance is acceptable as long as it doesn’t effect you personally. Liberals created their utopian bed, now sleep in it.

  13. Rick Blaine says:

    It’s like no leftist, democrat, or other Marxist connected the dots on what becoming a ‘sanctuary city’ would mean. This is totally predictable by the logical and sane.

  14. Shannon Martin says:

    Everything you subsidize, you get more of.
    Why work, when everything is free?

  15. Bill Carter says:

    The life of a liberal city

  16. John Sorger says:

    Just put all the crazy bums and psycho junkies in the houses with the rich progressive liberals. Inequality solved!

  17. Chauncey Hall says:

    This is easy to solve – just go total open borders, and you will have several million criminals preying on people in the San Fran Metro area. How in the world does this once great city not get it ?

  18. Bob Jackson says:

    You deserve it San Fran.

  19. San Fran,, I’ve always loved ya but you are reaping the seeds you’ve sown.. It saddens me that this beautiful city has been put into the toilet by those that think they are doing right when they are doing so wrong

  20. Thomas Lawrence says:

    Aren’t they worried that a homeless mentally ill person arrested might also be an illegal immigrant? That, would upset pelosi, and might get her started on a seizure stutter meltdown!

  21. It worries those who have to decide if they want to travel there. I’m just one of many, and to complicate it further I travel for kids sports and cannot carry a firearm like I can in most other states that have reciprocity. This is truly the one state where I feel I need to be armed to enter. California cities are truly hopelessly out of control, take if from someone looking from the outside in that has to deal with it from time to time.

  22. Forget the homeless. The Liberals are even more insane. Enjoy the fruits of your flakes and nuts in government. LOL

  23. Steven Soleri says:

    Is this waht we envisioned in America? What millions fought and died for? Get out and vote this mid-term. The liberals want to remake your life into that of a 3rd world country.

  24. The City USED to be a great place to visit.

    Not anymore.

    It amazes me that tech companies are moving there, when their employees aren’t safe and have to be bused in from far away..

  25. boocat says:

    Investigate concealed carry permits. San Francisco won’t take care of its taxpayers, they have to safeguard themselves.

  26. Boise How says:

    A person doesn’t feel safe in their own community anymore. It’s sad what that has come to.

  27. Handy Andy says:

    This story fills me with joy. Rich liberals love to act compassionate until they are affected by the issue.

  28. John Schilling says:

    “Uptick.” That’s some kind of word, “uptick.” JUST SHOOT THEM ON THE SPOT!!! Terrorized in our own town by vagrant druggie no-good grifter bums? NEVER!!! SHOOT THEM if you’re attacked!!!

  29. Wendy Freitas-Brown says:

    a place of refuge or safety.
    “people automatically sought a sanctuary in time of trouble”
    synonyms: refuge, haven, harbor, port in a storm, oasis, shelter, retreat, hideaway, hideout More
    a nature reserve. NOT IN SAN FRANCISCO! I will not visit again, until these issues are resolved, which is sad, because I used to visit several times a year, to the tune of about $1000 bucks a year… many of my friends are doing the same.. GET WITH THE PROGRAM SF.. what you are doing, is killing your biggest income: Californian tourists.

  30. Mark Landsbaum says:

    California is toast. San Francisco the crispiest.

  31. Patrick Cronin says:

    Hey San Francisco, you can’t fix stupid but you can sure vote it out office.

  32. Charlie Harper says:

    It is crazy to pay some of the highest taxes in the country to live in a third world slum.

  33. Jennifer Anzalone says:

    The whole state is Mentally ILL.

  34. James Sutton says:

    All of these cities with homeless problems should just get together and rent a whole fleet of buses. They could round up all of the homeless by promising them free marijuana and heroin. They could then drive down to Sacramento and dump some of the homeless at the state capitol building and the rest in Jerry Brown’s front yard. They could pitch their tents, defecate in the bushes or on the driveway and drop their needles and syringes in the gutter. Problem solved!

  35. Grizz Mann says:

    You get and deserve the government you vote for.

  36. Markey Farrell says:

    ” And everybody is at their wit’s end” LOL
    Sounds like perpetual liberalism.

  37. Brad Michael Tankersley says:

    Well maybe you fine citizens need to share more love and fudge with the homeless, the kind we read about daily they share with you.

  38. Paul Foote says:

    I guess they’ll just have to build fences around their homes. Oh, wait – fences don’t work! (Or is it leftism that doesn’t work? Or should it just be called mass stupidity?)

  39. William Durham says:

    The liberals and perverts of this city ruined it and now they say something about it, flat amazes me. For many many years this has been building and now you have a city with more homeless and bums than tax paying citizens . So what do you do? If you try to stop the hand outs and benefits to them they will destroy you because you now owe them these things and cannot take them away safely. Until you have a complete change in the people in your city government you will be stuck like you are, up to your ears in human waste, drug s, and trash.

  40. Don Padron says:

    You wanted them now suck it up. Now you’re seeing liberalism at work.

  41. Don McCoy says:

    They address the problem as being a result “mentally ill” homeless because they can’t admit that turning the whole city into a public cesspool has been bad for life in Frisco. Blame the few mentally ill homeless…nice.

    Maybe your absurd public policy is the problem!?

  42. Gerald H. Kauffeld says:

    What a huge surprise, drifting toward anarchy may actually create problems – shocking!!!!

    “Just like Mayor de Blasio and the NY Crazy Council, San Francisco thought it was a good idea to decriminalize public urination and defecation. Now they have to spend nearly $1M to clean up poop.” – Nicole Malliotakis (tweet quoted in “San Francisco ‘Poop Patrollers’ Make $185,000” – Zerohedge 08/23/2018)

    We must always give the dangerously mentally ill, the criminals, and the anti-social the benefit of the doubt, danger to society, the interest of society are inconsequential (to the Left).

    Homelessness, lawlessness, mental illness, drug use, etc. are complex problems which can’t all be attributed to a single policy or two. But, deinstitutionalization of the mentally ill, anything-goes decriminalization, and financial and governmental support of homelessness and lawlessness can’t be disregarded as major contributors to San Francisco’s plight.

    We get what we want, or what we’ll tolerate. Japan’s homless rate, for example, is far lower than ours, partly because there is less drug abuse, the mentally-ill are institutionalized, criminal laws are respected and enforced, and public begging is socially unacceptable and mostly unproductive. While San Fran can’t become Japan, can’t at least *something* be learned and tried here?

    The City Supervisor’s request for “more patrols … a special division for big events” deals only with symptoms, not causes, but it’s a bit better than nothing.

    San Fran Mayor Breed is taking small steps, inadequate but at least she’s trying something.

  43. Rob Gunner says:

    Liberal utopia

  44. Lonnie D. Tanner says:

    All I see in action is the great migration of Liberals leaving California and going to other states and cities to ruin them. It seems they have short memories of why they left in the first place, or just don’t understand how it got so bad, but willing to try again. Being kind to those that want to take advantage of you is not the way to help them get ahead. It’s a nice gesture, and maybe it has worked for a few. But giving them handouts and letting them squat on the street over and over again is where you have encouraged failure. Please stay away from my town.

  45. Ford Hanson says:

    Why aren’t some of these people on ChiDi or Nancys streets? Gated, security? hmmm

  46. Bart Revilo says:

    At least, San Francisco has vacant housing close at hand. Ship all “homeless” out to Alcatraz for triage and treatment. Separate the truly mentally ill for transfer to Napa Mental Hospital, Patton Mental Hospital and all the other large mental Institutions closed in the 1980’s. I love Ronald Reagan but he took some bad advice when he agreed to the closings.

    As far as the non-truly mentally ill homeless, leave them on Alcatraz and airdrop sparse food and ample soap.

  47. David D Depp says:

    Our family used to go to San Francisco several times a year but have not gone in several years as on our last trip we were confronted on the streets several times and in different parts of the city by overly aggressive homeless who would follow us and taunt us for not giving them anything. We were scared for our safety, thankfully nothing happened to us. We miss doing the bay to breakers and attending many of the other fun events, but our safety is much more important, especially as we get older. It seems like the city doesnt care about the safety of anyone except for the homeless and the criminals. To bad, so sad as San Fran used to be one of the great cities of the world. Now it feels like a toilet with nothing but danger lurking around every corner.