OAKLAND (CBS SF) — Federal agents have raided an Oakland house suspected of being an illegal indoor pot growing operation that helped fund MS-13 gang activity in the Central Valley, according to court documents released Friday.

The East Bay Times reported that the Aug. 30th early morning raid of a home in the 2600 block of Parker Street in Oakland was lead by Homeland Security agents.

The raid came as part of an ongoing investigation into violent crimes allegedly committed by MS-13 gang members in the Medota-Fresno area.

According to a sworn statement by a Homeland Security agent, the raid netted marijuana plants, more than three pounds of marijuana, and an SKS rifle and ammunition.

Rigoberto Gonzalez-Escobar, who federal authorities say was living at the home, was charged this week with conspiracy to distribute marijuana, possessing more than 100 plants and illegal gun possession.

The newspaper reported that after intercepting cell phone and Facebook communications, agents determined the marijuana was being sold and that the proceeds were sent to other gang members in Fresno County.

The arrest, the newspaper reported, appeared to be connected to a months-long investigation headed by federal and state authorities in Fresno County.


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