ACCRA (CBS SF) – The President of Uganda, Yoweri K. Museveni, received Kanye West and wife Kim Kardashian West at his palace.

West and his wife were touring the country and had been on safari just before meeting with the country’s head of state, according to TMZ. Inspired, an eager West shared his Hollywood-inspired tourism schemes with the president.

“We’re not here to take a photograph and look like we’re doing something positive. I’m here to be here and work with you,” said West during the meeting. “This is going to be like Jurassic Park. Disney World,” said West before TMZ photographers as his wife looked on.

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“Yes I see on TNT,” said President Museveni.

Uganda is known for its lush rain forests, waterfalls, and savannah. Tourists won’t find all of the so-called ‘big five’ game animals, but there are plenty of wild animals, large and small, to see.

“When I saw the safari, I was thinking this is how all zoos should be,” remarked West.

“I see bringing the best talents in every field and every industry. Because of course there’s tourism and I’d like to know what are the other industries you’d like to build and have a discussion about what would make the country the most thriving, to be like a Wakanda.”

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It is not clear whether the President had seen Black Panther and understood West’s reference. It is not clear how West would fund the projects.

Later, the rapper and his wife presented Museveni with a pair of the rapper’s brand named Yeezy sneakers from West’s company and posed for photos.

West made headlines recently during a visit with President Donald Trump at the White House where he talked heatedly for several minutes using expletives. His demeanor with the Ugandan president was markedly more subdued.

According to a BBC report, President bestowed Ugandan names on the couple: Kanyesigye (I trust) and Kemigisha (one with blessings from God).

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“Enjoy your time in Uganda,” he told them. “It is the pearl of Africa.”