SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX 5) — Some San Francisco police officers are wondering why they have to retake a bilingual language test after they had already passed.

It was recently discovered that the Department of Human Resources–the county agency that administered the test to nearly every San Francisco city and county employee–had actually lost the records pertaining to the test 20 years ago.

“Their official files of some sort were lost,” said Tony Montoya, the president of the San Francisco Police Officer Association.

The Department of Human Resources conducted an audit in the spring of 2017 and found out about the loss of the files. KPIX 5 learned that the number of missing records may actually be broader.

Several officers said that the Department of Human Resources contacted them in 2015, saying the agency lost their certifications and that they were required to take the test again.

“We found that we had a certain group of employees across the whole city for whom we didn’t have certifications that they had passed the test,” said Susan Gard, the department’s Chief of Policy.

SFPD officers get a $70 per month bonus if they pass the test. But the audit found that 17 SFPD employees (12 officers) were told to retake the test or else they would lose their bilingual bonus.

Some officers expressed their anger at the agency.

“What are they going to do to prevent this from happening again?” asked SFPD Officer Marquez. “So this doesn’t happen two years from now or three years from now and somebody else is affected.”