SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX) – KPIX 5 has learned of another cracked piece of glass on San Francisco’s Millennium Tower.

Multicolored duct tape holds together the cracked window at the Millennium Tower. Officials said it is the outside pane of a double paned window described by the department of building inspection as opaque “spandrel glass.”

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The window is located between the 9th and 10th floors, along Fremont Street.

City building inspectors have issued another violation against Millennium Tower after the latest discovery.

Crews will now have to put scaffolding back up over the sidewalks to protect people from the possibility of falling glass.

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The window is expected to be repaired Wednesday.

Scaffolding had to be installed in September when a cracked window was discovered on the 36th floor of the luxury tower.

Officials say the sinking is not to blame for the cracked windows. It’s not clear what caused them to break.

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The high-rise has sunk about a foot-and-a-half, prompting hearings at city hall and lawsuits by tenants. Engineers continue to work on the tower to try to stop it from leaning and sinking.