WOODLAND (CBS13) – The Davis man convicted when he was a teen of murdering an elderly couple will remain in adult court, a judged decided on Wednesday.

According to CBS 13, Daniel Marsh was 15 when he was convicted and sentenced to 52-years-to-life in prison for the grisly 2013 killing of Davis couple Oliver Northup and Claudia Maupin.

However, Proposition 57 now requires judges to decide if minors will be tried as adults – which wasn’t available when Marsh was initially tried.

During a hearing Wednesday afternoon, a Yolo County judge said there is no chance Marsh will be rehabilitated before he’s 25 years old. The judge said the gravity of Marsh’s crimes supports transfer to adult court to continue serving the life sentence.

Marsh, who is now 21, was originally tried as an adult. He was convicted in 2014. Voters passed Prop. 57 while Marsh was appealing his murder conviction.

Wednesday’s decision by the judge means Marsh will be returned to state prison to finish out the 52-years-to-life sentence.


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