TAMPA BAY, Florida (CBSLA) — Two middle school girls who admitted to a foiled plot to attack a Florida middle school were Satanists who wanted to drink the blood of their victims, according to police.

CBS Los Angeles reports the 11- and 12-year-old suspects brought a butcher knife, a pizza cutter, and scissors to Bartow Middle School on Tuesday to kill their classmates, according to Bartow Police.

bartow middle school plot knife Police: Pre Teen Girls Were Practicing Satanists, Plotted To Kill Classmates

Bartow Middle School plot evidence (Bartow Police Department)

“They wanted to kill at least 15 people and were waiting in the bathroom for the opportunity to find smaller kids that they could overpower to be their victims,” said Bartow Police Chief Joe Hall.

Extra officers were dispatched to the campus Monday after another student reported concerns.

According to officials, the plot was foiled only after the mother of one of the girls called in when she received a robocall informing her that she skipped school.

Officers reportedly found the girls in a bathroom with a goblet in hand to drink their victims’ blood.

Messages appeared to indicate the girls planned to kill themselves after the murders took place, including one with included the phrase “thank Satan”, according to police. Both girls told police they were “practicing Satanists.”

In a Facebook post Tuesday, Hall assured parents authorities were taking the plot very seriously.

Hall wrote: “I understand that the recent news of a plot to kill students at Bartow Middle School is troubling. In fact, it shook me to my core when I was notified of it. However, I want to make it clear that your children are our most precious citizens here in the City and we do everything we can, every single day to make sure our children are safe.”

The students were arrested and charged. School officials are working to file for expulsion.


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