SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — Work crews delicately moved the massive framework of Pier 70’s Building 15 several hundred feet on San Francisco’s waterfront Wednesday, making way for redevelopment of the historic shipyard.

The building — longer than a Boeing 767 — had been stripped down to its steel frame work but still weighs 153.5 tons. Engineers attached cable bracing at high and low points to the building — which has been placed on 16 massive dollies — and then connected them to three large pull rigs to facilitate the move.

The project developer — Forest City — said the structural frame was moved and was being preserved to form a signature feature of the new Pier 70 neighborhood.

It will be a canopy over the new extension of 22nd Street, but to build a new road the structure had to be moved 200 feet south. Now the neighborhood infrastructure will be built and will be raised nearly 10 feet to accommodate sea level rises.

The project is along San Francisco’s Central Waterfront adjacent to the Dogpatch neighborhood and a public-private partnership with the Port of San Francisco.