YOSEMITE NATIONAL PARK (CBS SF) — A couple fell to their deaths Thursday from Yosemite National Park’s Taft Point a week after another couple’s proposal at the popular wedding photo backdrop became a social media sensation.

FRIDAY UPDATE: Officials Recover Bodies From Base Of Popular Yosemite Cliff

Park rangers released few details of Thursday’s accident. The deaths ran the total of fatalities in the park over the last six months to eight.

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“A male and female visitor died in an apparent fall from Taft Point in Yosemite National Park. Yosemite National Park Rangers are recovering the bodies this morning,” a release stated. “This incident is under investigation and no further details are available.”

Yosemite spokesman Scott Gediman says the park is still investigating when the man and woman fell and from what spot at Taft Point, which is at an elevation of 7,500 feet. He says railings only exist at some parts of the overlook.

Taft Point offers breathtaking views of the valley, Yosemite Falls and El Capitan and has fissures on the granite rock that drop to the valley floor. Visitors can walk to the cliff’s edge, where there is no railing.

Gediman says more than 10 people have died this year in Yosemite, some from natural causes and others from falls.

Just last week, freelance photographer Matt Dippel went on social media in search of a couple he inadvertently captured in the background of one of his photos.

Dippel was waiting to take a picture of his friend when a couple walked out onto the cliff and the man dropped to one knee.

“It’s a super-popular place in Yosemite. Really popular for engagements, proposals, weddings,” Dippel told CNN.”There were at least three or four different brides and grooms up there doing their post-wedding photos, so it’s definitely not an uncommon thing to see up there.”

He took a picture of the proposal — and the one he wanted of Josh — and then went to give the couple the picture.

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“I ran over to that point after I took the photo to try to figure out who they were and I asked maybe 20 or 25 people and no one came forward.”

When Dippel got home to Grand Rapids, Michigan, he posted the picture on Facebook and asked the internet to help find them.

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“Alright Internet I need your help. Help me find these two,” he wrote. “This was taken at Taft Point, in Yosemite National Park on October 6th, 2018. I took this photo and would love for them to find it.”

The post has been shared thousands of times and folks are trying to help Dippel locate the couple.

Taft Point is also where world-famous wingsuit flier Dean Potter and his partner, Graham Hunt, died after leaping from the cliff in 2015. The pair experienced at flying in wingsuits — the most extreme form of BASE jumping — crashed after attempting to clear a V-shaped notch in a ridgeline.

BASE jumping — which stands for jumping off buildings, antennas, spans (such as bridges) and Earth — is illegal in the park.

An investigation concluded that the deaths were accidental. Despite video and photos of the jump, officials consider the specific reason why Potter and Hunt died a mystery.

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  1. my gut tells me they wanted selfies. selfies are, unfortunately, responsible for untold deaths around the world.

    1. Joe Mammy says:

      Actually the stupidity of the self-involved morons taking selfies and living their lives through social media need to be culled from the herd. No loss.

      1. Rick Johnson says:

        Hopefully you join them. Soon.

  2. Hal Slusher says:

    People just dont realise Mr. Death is always waiting for you

  3. Derek Jenkins says:

    Mother Nature = 1
    Idiots = 0

  4. Mark Anglo says:

    Send Kamala Harris up there.

  5. rufusvondufus says:

    It is truly scary how many certifiable nut cases are allowed to roam our country and do to themselves what they will. That is only fair. All Dem’s should try it.

  6. john L says:

    I came here expecting to see the video. Maybe it will be on Worlds Dumbest People tv show.

  7. Jack Murphy says:

    8 deaths at Yosemite just this year? When is the government going to keep us safe and shut that dangerous park down? If it were privately owned it would have been shutdown years ago and confiscated, fenced off so that no more poor innocent citizens could be hurt by this obviously evil place.

  8. John Oakman says:

    2 more DimoRats bees gone.

  9. Peter Smith says:

    Some pretty mean comments for no apparent reason. We are all posting here because we were lucky and didn’t die from the idiotic things we’ve done so far. This couple made a bad choice and sadly died because of it, I feel for their families and their friends that have to deal with their deaths. Maybe those of you who have posted such toxic things should think about the why you feel the need to do so. Hasn’t the world become difficult enough without adding to it?

  10. Rod Kane says:

    @JackMurphy Come on, quit feeding the nanny state. Yes it is sad that that couple slipped, worse yet for the rangers who are doing the recovery, but there are millions of visitors a year to national parks and people die. Don’t mess with nature, she shows no mercy. But don’t ruin it for everyone else. Leave things better than you found them, don’t put fences up and scar the beauty of the world.

    1. James Flanagan says:

      Well said, Rod. Rangers can face a dangerous task just to recover bodies. Hopefully, this self centered carelessness won’t cause other deaths. Nature is meant for viewing and appreciating yet people feel the need to “experience” and touch everything. Thinning the herd!

  11. Pat Patterson says:

    Double Darwin Award! Ridiculous to tempt fate for a photo op.

  12. Luis Martinez says:

    What happened to the dog? That’s all I care about…..

  13. Oh well, 2 less idiot votes for the mid-terms….

  14. El Jamal Jamal says:

    Maybe there should be special type of warnings for Millennials.

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    So what happens now? WE have to put a dam fence up because stupid is stupid? Maybe if people allowed their kids, like us old timers, to ride bikes without a helmet, didn’t child proof every corner of their home and gave every kid a trophy just maybe they would have learned caution and common sense. But no way, now the liberals will feel the need to regulate something.