by Andrea Nakano

BERKELEY (KPIX) — Berkeley’s San Pablo Park on the south side of town near Ashby and San Pablo avenues is a big draw for families with young children.

On August 18, a gunman opened fire here, wounding three people who were enjoying a kindergarten reunion.

In response to that shooting, the Berkeley city council voted to put up cameras in hopes of deterring future acts of violence.

Still, some families have kept away.

“I realized … we haven’t come to this park since the shooting, which is weird, because we came here four times a week,” said Berkeley resident Dan Rosenthal.

The Berkeley city council, led by Mayor Jesse Arreguin, wants that to change.

“I feel I have to respond to those who were in the park that were shot at, where kids were put in danger,” said mayor Arreguin.

The city council voted to install cameras on the community center building at the park. The mission is two-fold: to deter and to solve crimes.

“This is not a panacea, this is not going to stop violent crime from happening but it could serve as a deterrent,” the mayor said.

While many families support the use of surveillance cameras others are concerned it’s an invasion of their privacy.

“Why do we have to be monitored … it is not necessary,” said Valerie Moore, who hopes the council doesn’t implement the plan.

“I tell them to drop it — we don’t want that in our community.”