BUTTE COUNTY (CBS SF) – The Butte County Sheriff announced Wednesday evening that eight additional bodies were found during recovery efforts in and around Paradise, bringing the deadly toll from the Camp Fire to 56.

Butte County Sheriff Kory Honea said that the human remains of eight individuals were all found in Paradise with six bodies being discovered inside structures and two being found outdoors.

Honea also noted that search and recovery crews had tentative identification of 47 sets of human remains found in the aftermath of the fire, but that the plan to use rapid DNA testing would speed up the process of determining the identity of those found.

Cal Fire also updated details on the size of the fire, confirming that the Camp Fire had grown to 138,000 acres while remaining at 35 percent containment as of Wednesday night.

A total of 8,650 single-family homes have been destroyed by the camp fire, with the total number of structures lost in the blaze climbing to 10,320.

Earlier Wednesday, authorities in Butte County released the names of more than 100 people still missing since the Camp Fire tore through several communities last week.

“In our ongoing effort to locate people thought to be missing as a result of the Camp Fire, the Butte County Sheriff’s Office has created a list of the names of the individuals we are currently looking for,” the sheriff’s office said in a statement.

Of the 103 people on the list (.pdf), 79 are from the town of Paradise, while another 16 are from Magalia.


As of Wednesday Morning, 48 people have been killed in the Camp Fire, the deadliest wildfire in California history.

Officials urge anyone on this list to contact the department’s missing person call center at (530) 538-6570, (530) 538-7544 or (530) 538-7671.


  1. The list is correct as of the morning of November 14, 2018 and is subject to change.
  2. To quickly search the list, use “Find” in your browser (Ctrl+F) and type in a name.

Mary Ann McAlvain, 65, Paradise

Dorothy Larsen, 88, Paradise

Steven Parker, 40, Paradise

Sharon Parker, 40, Paradise

Michael Maddox, 79, Paradise

Honalaura Maddox, 75, Paradise

Scott Charmers, 40, Chico

Ken Woodie, 72, Magalia

Kathryn Woodie, 69, Magalia

Charlene Riby, 85, Magalia

Bob Biehler, 72, Paradise

Nadeen Biehler, 72, Paradise

Marie Wehe, 78, Concow

Ronald Amberg, 77, Paradise

Joseph D. Carmack, 85, Paradise

Evelyn R. Carmack, 77, Paradise

Richard B. Carmack, 63, Paradise

Stacy A. Carmack, 45, Paradise

Judith Anglin, 79, Paradise

Robin Draper, 57, Magalia

Harold Henderson, 57, Magalia

Robert Walker, 60, Paradise

Joyce Walker, 84, Paradise

Jackie Villanova, 80, Magalia

Terry Cecil, 57 Magalia

Calvin Cunningham, 95, Paradise

Bill Pritchard, 65, Butte Meadows

Linda Alice Miilu, 82, Paradise

Shannah Hess, 56, Paradise

Rosanne King, 72, Paradise

Roger Schlect, 75, Paradise

John Thomas Hickey, 84 Paradise

Rev. Joe Glenn, 70s, Paradise

Patricia Glenn, 70s, Paradise

Marilyn Price, 80, Magalia

John Sedwick, 65, Magalia

Arlene Beck, 85, Paradise

Tony Alvarado, 65, Paradise

Chris Salazar, late 70s, Paradise

Phyllis Salazar, late 70s, Paradise

Catherine Mildred Williams, 70s, Paradise

Albert Chabot, 95, Paradise

Mia 65 or 67 Paradise

Charles Deaderick, 60s, Paradise

Patrick Fernea, mid 20s, Paradise

Nickoals Fernea, 21, Paradise

Greggory Fernea, 50s, Paradise

Roger Smothers, 80s, Magalia

Lee Smothers, 80s

Lloyd Laird, 90s, Magalia

Cathy Shores, 90s, Magalia

Ron Phillips, 89, Paradise

Margorie Puccinelli, 90, Magalia

Shonnie Davidson, 80s, Paradise

Nelson Parmerter, 70s, Paradise

Ronald Dowe, 78(?), Paradise

Paul Williams, 90s, Paradise

Paul Williams Jr., 65(?), Paradise

Gail Williams, 60s, Paradise

Chuck Piazza, 90, Magalia

Richard Dwayne Poole II, 30s, Fort Bragg

Carol Haven Thew, 67, Paradise

John Sparks, 70, Paradise

Robin Marie Bay-Cetina, 60s, Paradise

Nancy Britts, 49, Paradise

Richard Bowen, 87, Paradise

Merium Lopez, 71, Paradise

Shirlee Teays, late 70s, paradise

Janice Dahlgren, 75

Howard Morey, 60s

Marcela Wilson, 93, Paradise

David William Marbury, 66, Paradise

Sarah Rowland, 34, Paradise

Jerry Medina, 78, Paradise

Verna Medina, 78, Paradise

Michael Earhart, 75, Magalia

Kathleen Brunson, 65, Paradise

Vern Hartje, 88, Paradise

Josephine Hartje, 94, Paradise

Kris Josephson, 43, Oroville

Russell Troge, 71, Paradise

Maria Troge, 60, Paradise

Maria Martinez, 55, Paradise

Art Martinez, 61, Paradise

Kathy Wood, 67, Paradise

Ron Wood, 70s, Paradise

Dorothea Silva, late 70 to 80, Paradise

Bonnie Pickett, 54, Magalia

Jon Nelson, 64, Paradise

Bob Conner, 69-72, Paradise

Anita Pagan, 58, Paradise

Beverly Jean Sparks, 76, Paradise

Wallace Sparks, 76, Paradise

Cheryl Brown 75 Paradise

Larry Brown 72 Paradise

Karen Kelly, 77, Paradise

James Kinner, 84, Paradise

Diane Meier, 83, Paradise

Trisha Johnson, 72, Paradise

Patricia Saunders, 80, Paradise

Josephine Leier, 91, Paradise

Pete Kidwell, 60, Paradise

Bob Duvall, No Age Listed, Paradise