NAPA (CBS SF) — A man seen on a security camera knocking a woman unconscious outside of a Napa bar is being sought by police who released a surveillance video of the disturbing incident Wednesday.

The woman was left with multiple injuries during the incident at Stone’s Sports Bar & Lounge in the River Park Shopping Center in Napa on November 17th.

Police said around 11:20 p.m., two men, Juan Rojas and James Curtis Faulkenberry, went into the bar and started a fight with some patrons. On the surveillance video, Rojas is seen bursting through an outside door while grappling with the woman, landing on top of her as she was falling backwards.

Other patrons holding pool cues came out to try and help her and confronted the two men, police said. When one of the bystanders put down the pool cue, he was punched in the face by Faulkenberry. The woman continued to struggle with Rojas, who appeared to be twisting her arm before kicking her.

James Curtis Faulkenberry (Napa Police Dept.)

As the woman tried to stand up, the video shows Faulkenberry hitting her with a sucker punch, which crumples her to the ground.

The victim, who only identified herself as Audrey, said she remembers little of what transpired once they went outside of the bar.

She said she mainly goes to the bar to play pool, which she was doing when the suspect approached her. The victim said she put her pool stick up as a barrier between her and the assailant.

“I was already in fight or flight. I was already intimidated. I was already scared,” said Audrey.

“We didn’t go outside. We flew outside. Like he threw me and landed on top of me. I went blank, I went black and everything was kind of fuzzy for a minute. I don’t remember everything.”

Police said the woman was beaten so badly, she suffered swelling to her face and went in and out of consciousness. Both Rojas and Faulkenberry left before officers arrived, but since the attack, Rojas turned himself in, police said.

There is an active arrest warrant for Faulkenberry who has tattoos on both arms and neck. Police said he should not be approached and should be considered dangerous. Anyone who sees him was urged to call 9-1-1; anyone with information that could lead to finding Faulkenberry was asked to contact Napa Police.

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